His River of Delights

New day greetings, precious family!!! How awesome and divine that we get to travel through life together with Jesus with us today!!! YIPPEEE!!! That has me all excited about the adventure of today!!! He delights in us and He delights in our well-being and His plan is to work good through all things for us today as He tells us through His Word!!! Speaking of His Word, I find delight in the words of the Psalmist who being divinely inspired wrote of our Father:

“Your love, O Lord, reaches to the


your faithfulness to the skies.

(Just looking at the sky shows His faithfulness to love us by providing us life everyday!)

Love sunrise

Your righteousness is like the

mighty mountains


Rock Mountains

your justice like the great deep

(He has a divine plan in the works so beyond what we can even imagine and we can trust Him to handle things right)

Beach Sunrise

O Lord, you preserve both man and beast.

How priceless is your unfailing love.

(I wouldn’t and couldn’t sell His love for me, would you?)

Jesus' Loving Sheep

Both high and low among men (gals, too)

find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

(Isn’t it amazing God’s love can satisfy and give peace to all who look to Him!)

They feast on the abundance 

of your house;

you give them drink from 

your river of delights.

(Father’s Spirit flowing in us is a delight to us to drink in- it is such that we take great pleasure in Him, find satisfaction in Him, find joy in Him, rejoice in Him, we desire Him, He highly pleases us, we are gratified in Him!)

Come and Rest

For with you is the fountain of life;

in your light we see light.”

(A divine perspective Father’s Spirit gives us with His perfect standard of all that is right and good and of love and powerful for our lives)

Eyes of Jesus

Oh nothing in all of life can delight us like the unfailing, unconditional love of our Father, nor can we find peace in anything in life like His peace that transcends all understanding!!! He puts His supernatural power in us upon faith – the same power that has created all things and who raised Jesus from the dead!!! Therefore, we can enter into this day powered up, loved, at peace and never alone because our Daddy is with us every second of this day!!! Let us take a moment and worship Him, our King with this song here. Worship of our Father is the most important thing we can do today!!! Find a place of solitude and let’s show Him some love for His many kindnesses to us as His beloved kids!!! Enjoy His love for you as you journey today!!! YOU are His child in whom He delights!!! You with Him in you through your faith are divinely inspired and Father will work through you today in supernatural ways, so enjoy the adventure of life today with Him with you!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Blessed kids are we!!!

Psalm 36:5-9 NIV

Riding on Dad


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