On the Same Page

Powerful new day greetings to you all, precious family!!! I am very thankful that our Father has enabled us to all do life together in heart via technology because it gives us opportunity to be able to interact with each other in ways that wouldn’t exist without technology!!! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to communicate with like-minded Kingdom people who are all about living for the Kingdom of Jesus here in this life on earth!!! Knowing that there is more to our forever life than this world is such a wonderful reassurance because without the knowledge that our Father has a divine plan in the works for us that is for our good and not harm, to give us a hope and a future makes a huge difference in our perspective and joy in this world!!! Jesus describes the difference that makes when he said:

“My Kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my Kingdom is from another place.”

John 18:36 NIV

Had the disciples of Jesus not believed in the cause of our Father and His Kingdom beyond this earth, they would not have supported Jesus’ goal of going to the cross!!! YIKES!!! Now that would’ve been a shame!!! It could have been an ugly battle that cost everybody’s lives and forever victory for all mankind!!!  Our motivations and perspectives in life makes a HUGE divine eternal difference and so as we begin this day, I ask you, dear one, is there some way that we need to adjust our perspectives from worldly ways of thinking to eternal Kingdom thinking for Jesus’ cause??? Oh, our Father sooo wants to include you in His forever grand victory plan that only you can carry out!!! What Kingdom vision is He giving you to focus on today??? When we have our eyes fixed on what Jesus is wanting to accomplish in life and going where His heart passion is for us all in this world, divine things happen!!! Our Father wants our eyes to see what He sees as this song says here. 

On the same page for Jesus’ Kingdom with all of you who are, dear ones!!! That is my dream, my passion, my going in life!!! Wooohooo!!! Let’s rock this world for Jesus together forever!!! Oh now that thought just makes me smile!!! Much love to you all where Father has you!!! Sooo proud of your hearts for our sweet Daddy!!! YAY!!! GO DADDY!!!

heart of People


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