Childlike Faith

It’s a good day today, sweet family!!! We get to walk through all of life today with our Father and we as His children of faith!!! In Matthew 18:3, Jesus says we need to change and become like little children (trusting, not obstinate, stubborn or unyielding). As I have pondered that, I envision a child standing before her daddy, learning how to walk. The daddy is holding his arms of love out to the child and asks her to take a step towards him. He encourages here to come to him, assuring her through his words that she can do it!!!

Girl Walking

The child wants to trust her daddy and wants to be obedient. Sometimes though, she is unsure – scared. She doesn’t know if she can do it. Sometimes she cries because of fear and tiredness from trying. But her daddy’s voice gives her strength to keep going!!! Her daddy knows until she reaches him, it is important for her to keep going so she can grow, develop and be all she can be. He knows each step is important to her future. He helps her to stand and he encourages her to keep taking the next step until finally she reaches him and together they experience the joy of her reaching the goal!!! They embrace and laugh together and she hears her daddy’s words of praise “Well done, my girl, well done!!!” As I thought about this child, the realization came to me how this vision fits our everyday lives. Like the small child in this story, we are all the children of God the Father thru faith in Jesus and He sees each one of us right where we are standing in life!!!

Boy Walking

As our sweet Daddy, He encourages us to keep taking steps of faith until the day we reach the finish line where He is. Imagine His loving embrace and how wonderful it will be – how joyful it will be to share laughter with our Daddy!!! I can imagine the celebration!!! WOOOHOOO!!! The Apostle Paul reminds us in Hebrews 12:2 to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Jesus knew how hard it was to keep taking steps of faith  – He endured the cross based on the encouragement of His Daddy’s voice and the joy He had to look forward to when He reached the finish line!!! Paul says to remember this so we as kids don’t grow weary!!!

At times, like a child taking steps to our Daddy, we too may get scared, confused and unsure. We may doubt our ability. We may get tired and want to stop. At those times, we need to listen to our Daddy’s voice to find hope and strength to keep going!!!  Isaiah 40:29-31 says: Our Daddy gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall, but hose who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, and they will walk and not grow faint!!! Romans 15:4 tells us our hope is found in our Daddy’s voice – His Spirit and Scriptures!!! The questions are: Are we listening? Are we looking at our Daddy? He is calling to each of us to trust Him – to come to Him!!! YYYEEESSS!!! Let’s do it – go to where our Father is asking us to go!!! I would like to encourage you where you are standing in life right now, please don’t stop there, but keep taking those steps of faith!!! We’ll all be sooo glad we did when we finally reach our Daddy!!! Oh now that thought just makes me smile!!! I sooo love doing life with you all as my family with our sweet Daddy who loves us with unfailing, unconditional love and who is always for us!!! Never will He leave us nor forsake us!!! I love this song here that talks about us as the children of God!!! Divine walking to you all wherever you are!!! Love life with sweet loving Jesus!!!

Children with Jesus


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