A Shout For Joy and Gladness

Wooohooo!!! I shout with joy and gladness this day for the Lord has vindicated us as His beloved children just as King David realized so many years ago when He wrote:

May those who delight in my vindication

shout for joy and gladness;

may they always say, “The

Lord be exalted,

who delights in the 

well-being of His


Psalm 35:27 NIV

“For you have upheld my right

and my cause;

you have sat on your throne,

judging righteously.”

Psalm 9:4 NIV

Cross and Hands Broke Free

“The Lord delights in those who

fear (reverence) Him,

who put their hope in His

unfailing love.”

Psalm 147:11 NIV

Everyone of us have been vindicated and pronounced holy, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation through our faith in Christ Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross to rescue us from the enemy’s effects upon us as His beloved children whom He created for personal relationship with Him because He loves us!!! Rescued and in right standing with our Father, to never be separated from His love and the glorious riches of His everlasting Kingdom again – now that is truly something to shout joy and gladness about as this song says here!!!

God Who Saves

RESCUED SAFE, FREE AND LOVED FOREVER!!! YYYIIIPPPEEE!!! I celebrate today with you for our Father’s faithfulness to us!!! Much love to you where you are!!! Enjoy the gift!!!

Always Victory


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