Empowering Others With the Presence

Powerful new day greetings, beloved family!!! I say powerful greetings because through our faith in Christ Jesus, we as His family are empowered for living supernaturally guided by the Spirit of God in us!!! Oh, life is all about grace rained down upon us from the throne of heaven, that grace at work all around us and that grace working within us to lead us in victory stepping as we journey!!! Now how awesome is that to ponder to power us up in confidence and courage for life today?!! I love how our Father chooses to work through His people who otherwise are powerless to live without Him, not that we have to, but we get to!!! Being saved by our faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross has delivered us and has also given us a new heart – God in our heart moving us through life in divine ways!!! WOW!!!

Power of the Holy Spirit

A powerful example of the Spirit of God at work is seen in the life of Philip in the Bible.

Philip had just been at a revival, preaching with other Christians when the voice of the Lord spoke to Philip and told him to go to a specific place and spend time with a particular man that he came across along the way. This man was a man of great influence – an Ethiopian eunuch, an important official in charge of all the treasury of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians. This man had put forth effort to worship God and read about God, but he wasn’t getting the revelation of the Truth about God. Philip was led by the Lord to stay close to the man and as he had opportunity, with the Spirit’s help, he was able to explain Truth to him so that he understood, was willing to be baptized and left to do his very important work in life with the new-life perspective of Jesus!!! Wooohooo!!! Yay!!! How awesome that such great resources would be handled by a man with the heart of our Father!!! In this story, these things were true of Philip in his relationship with the Lord:

  • Philip was doing what he knew to do when the Lord revealed the next step.
  • Philip was open to the Spirit of the Lord to guide him; he was flexible for the Lord.
  • Philip listened to God.
  • Philip went to the man from a relational perspective, not just a result perspective.
  • Philip started where the Ethiopian eunuch was in life and connected with him there.
  • Philip was active in answering the man’s questions, leading him to a point of decision and saw new-life results realized. 🙂

As we seek to go through life doing what we know to do, our Father’s Spirit can work through our lives in the same powerful ways, dear ones!!! How exciting to be open to being light of our Father to help others in life as Father moves in us and around us!!! How is Father leading you to go through life today??? Oh, be prepared for exciting adventure because when we grab onto our Father’s righteous hand to lead us, we never know what divine plan He will razzle dazzle our day with!!! It’s gonna be fun to see the King of Glory moving in all His majesty today and what a privilege it is that we have the opportunity to travel along with Him as He leads!!! I love life with the presence of Jesus with us!!! Here is a song that reflects upon the gift of Him with us. Have a divine day where Jesus guides you and know that His love and power is in you and surrounds you everywhere you go!!! I love you, too!!!

Holy Spirit copy 2


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