Celebration of Father’s Success

How wonderful to have opportunity to have the gift of life with the presence of Jesus with us, precious family!!! Everything that any of us do in life is all by the grace of our Father and how exciting that He moves through each one of us, inviting each one of us to follow Him in the ways that meet the needs of the world around us as we hang on to His righteous right hand!!! Oh how fun are the adventures with our Father!!!

Sometimes in life people can develop jealousies because of the divine working of God in one person over another and the best way to overcome those feelings is to celebrate the successes of God in others as they journey. Here are four ways we can do so:

  1. Realize that it is not a competition – Each one of us are fearfully and wonderfully, uniquely created, fully equipped as our Father’s Masterpiece through whom His Spirit works!!! To downplay His divine work in ourselves or others is to belittle our Father and His plans for us. We cannot do all of life by ourselves and so we can celebrate that we have people around us to help us!!! Wooohooo!!! Life is better in a community of people we love and who love us!!! Our attitude in life determines if we see the impact of others as positive or negative. Father tells us to look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others, too. Oh, let’s rejoice and be happy when Father’s Spirit is having victory through others!!! YAY!!! GO FATHER!!! MOVE YOUR PEOPLE DIVINELY!!!
  2. We can celebrate when others see success – We can be willing to celebrate when others reach their dreams!!! What dreams do they have, what goals have they set??? What battles are they fighting??? When they achieve something that is important to them, celebrate it even if it is something you can already do yourself!!! Be enthusiastic about their win!!! Oh, sooo proud of you!!!
  3. Celebrate successes others don’t see – sometimes people get discouraged in their own efforts or goals in life. The enemy of our Father loves that and so we can help others be victorious by encouraging someone on – to keep going for our Father as He leads us in His will, His plan and His purpose!!!
  4. Celebrate most with those close to you – it can be easy to celebrate victories in sports, and at work, but celebration of victories in our homes should be celebrated early and often with those close to us!!! A genuine friend encourages and challenges us to live out our best thoughts, honor our purest motives and achieve our most significant dreams!!! That’s what we need to do with the most important people in our lives. Jesus said that even offering a cup of water to someone is the same as doing it for Him!!! How many things do we each do in the course of a day that contribute to the big picture that we can take for granted as not significant??? Oh how we can celebrate our ability to do those things!!! Divine grace in it all through us as Father’s kids is our view to see it in ourselves!!! Remember how we get excited and celebrate when a baby takes their first step and then the next one and the next one until they are walking continually??? Wooohooo!!! It is good to get excited about the divine working in others in their walking with our Father, too!!! It helps others to enjoy the journey each step along the way to living out Father’s dream for them!!! We can thank someone for that meal they cooked for us, for the daily things that each one does that are divine accomplishments to celebrate in others!!! There are lots of opportunities and everyone needs encouragement in life!!! When we refresh others, this is what our Father tells us:

“Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed themselves.”

Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Love this song here. I’m a gal celebrating life with you, sweet family and proud of each one of you for your divine efforts in all you do!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Rock on being awesome YOU with Jesus with us!!! Much love to you wherever you are!!! I celebrate Jesus who went for His dream in life of rescuing each one of us and filling us with His divine Spirit in us to enable us all to live life victoriously and gloriously!!! He is working through each one of us and that is a reason to celebrate today!!!

The Family of GOd 3

Gods Family

Kingdom of God In You


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