The Home Fires

Blessed day greetings to you, precious family!!! Today I am “home pondering” as my Father speaks to me, having made His home in my heart upon my faith in Him!!! I am sooo thankful to have Jesus here with me because there are always matters here at home for Him to attend to that need His divine help!!! As I ponder that thought today along with our Father’s Word, He speaks to me of the importance of having our hearts set on attending to home fires where Father calls our home of purpose for each one of us. His Word says:

“The trees of the Lord are well watered,

the cedars of Lebanon that He planted.

There the birds make their nests;

the stork has its home in the

pine trees.

Three Pines

The high mountains belong to

the wild goats;

High Mountain Goat

the crags are a refuge for the


Psalm 104:16-18 NIV

As I ponder this, Father speaks that He planted the trees in their place – their home and there He saw to it that they were cared for there!!! He knows our needs as well, sweet family and He will meet all our needs faithfully!!! He gave the birds, the stork, the wild goats and the coneys all their proper place and we see that in those places, the birds make their nest, the stork has ownership of its home place, the wild goats possess what is of their home as well and the coneys find their refuge being in their home, the crags. Truly we are the best cared for in our proper place!!! Each of these examples have their hearts on fire by the Lord for their true given home and they do not possess the home of another, for example: the wild goats do not nest in the trees. That’s a good thing, huh?!! To know one’s home place in life and to have a heart on fire by the Holy Spirit to be there is divine, so I ask you where is your place of intended purpose in life???

Hearts on Fire

Is your heart content where you are??? If not, perhaps it means you are in the wrong place, the wrong home??? Father can reveal truth to lead each one to their proper place as we seek Him!!! He will reveal where your place of purpose is and when you discover it, your heart will be lit up with Holy Spirit fire to be there and He will see to it that we are well cared for where it is that He plants us in life!!! My heart is set on fire for being home today where my divine purpose can be lived out and I am excited about it!!! Where is divine home for you, dear one??? I’m a gal sooo thankful for our Father’s perfect good care in putting each one of us in just the right place!!! Home sweet home –  there’s no more divine place like our home of purpose as we here on earth await our true home of heaven!!! Father’s Kingdom is coming about soon where we will be forever together with our King of Glory, enjoying all the glorious riches of the place He is preparing for us there!!! Much love to you wherever Father has placed you on purpose!!! I’m a soul on fire for His plan for me at home as this song says here!!! Being home makes you smile!!! It just feels right!!!


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