Divine Heart Music

Wooohooo!!! It is an awesome new gift of life today, beloved family and we have great opportunity to walk through this day with the sweet music of our Father’s love and delight of us in our hearts. I love what the Psalmist wrote from the attitude of his heart about life with our Father:

“My heart is steadfast, O God;

I will sing and make music

with all my soul.

Awake, harp and lyre!

I will awaken the dawn.

I will praise you, O Lord,

among the nations;

I will sing of you among the peoples.

For great is your love, higher

than the heavens;

your faithfulness reaches to 

the skies.

Be exalted, O God, above the


and let your glory be over all the earth.”

Psalm 108:1-5 NIV

To have a “steadfast” heart is to be strong, be patient and to endure in life and in so going, we can choose to focus on the many blessings of our Father in our lives and from our hearts of thanksgiving, be light hearted and go through this day with joyful hearts of celebration and victory, knowing that our Father loves us with unfailing, unconditional love, He is for us and working His eternal forever plan for us and through us to show His love and compassion not only to us, but through us to others!!! Now how exciting is that to know that we are sooo loved in life and our Father sees you and me as His delightful kids through whom He loves shining through to bless others around us!!! YYYEEESSS!!!

Dear God Thank YOu

Let’s let Him shine through our steadfast joyful hearts to bless others today, as He will be with us to empower us to do what we need to do today to help those He puts around us!!!

Gal Shining

As we journey with Jesus today, let us keep coming back to the music in our heart throughout the day that we are privileged and loved children that walk with Jesus through the courts of His Kingdom with us through our faith in Him!!! He thinks we are each one oh sooo special and mighty warriors capable of conquering any of the enemies tactics thrown at us!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! Yep!!! Got heaven with us so we are divinely able!!!

Guy Shining

I’m a gal conquering this day of life divinely with you, precious ones!!! Here is a song we can have a listen to that is a good reminder of how awesome life is with Father’s Kingdom with us – the whole angel army is encamped around us to help us!!! WOW!!! Talk about a support system, we’ve got it!!! We win, win, win forever!!! YAY!!! Much love to you as you sing through life with Jesus today where you are!!! La, la, la – singing with you with the King with us!!! Oh how that just makes me smile!!!


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