Yes to Jesus Victory

Oh when our Father puts a passion upon someone’s heart for His will for their lives, it is a moving force that is unstoppable with Him backing us!!! This is seen very strongly in the man of Jesus who did not take no in going to the full extent of what our Father’s purpose for Him in life was meant to be!!! Bent on victory, yes He was!!! Oh, I just love His heart and mindset for our Father’s heart!!! Jesus was determined to give His people victory and it consumed Him because He knew that His followers could operate in total security if He endured the cross!!! It was that very mindset that was the joy set before Him that enable Him to endure the cross!!! Bless Him for His love for each one of us as His kids of faith who are now forever secure through His victory of conquering the cross!!!

No struggle is too big for God. No question is unanswerable. No problem is too difficult. The resurrection of Christ trumpeted good news from the graveyard!!! In spite of the dark prospects, in spite of the big problems, in spite of the bad predictions–Jesus practiced the mindset of divine victory, decisively defeating even death itself!!! YYYEEESSS!!! Victory on the cross by Jesus is good news for us as His children of faith in more ways than one!!!

Power of Christ

Power and Victory

His victory on the cross has:

  • rescued us by His grace from all from the wages of sin that is death and forever separation from God.
  • made us heirs of forever life in the Kingdom of heaven with Him, with all the glorious riches of Christ Jesus as His royal family.
  • sealed us with His Holy Spirit living in our hearts upon believing, so we will never be snatched from security in Him
  • enabled us to have His personal guidance through His Spirit in us to guide us and remind us of Truth here and now
  • empowered us as His children to have the supernatural working of His Spirit in us to enable us to live the Christian life, to will and act according to His purpose for us.
  • given us peace that we are reconciled to God and that we can cast all cares on Jesus by approaching His throne of grace with confidence, knowing He will divinely help us and work all things good for us so that we are more than conquerors in all things through Him who loves us. Oh, He makes victory happen as we seek it!!!

Jesus is My Joy

The disciples of Christ had the same mindset as Jesus – they were bent on victory for their Father. How exciting to be part of a team that has the same “go, fight and win” attitude to make Jesus victory happen!!! I love that!!! An alternative to Jesus winning is not acceptable to them!!! Their heart is like Jesus’ heart – “never, never give up” “victory at all cost” “without Jesus victory, no divine survival.”Wooohooo, I’m going for Jesus victory!!!” Where has Jesus given your heart a passion for victory in life for Him and His Kingdom, dear one??? If He is calling you to it, He will see you through it!!! 🙂 Oh that just makes me smile!!! Sweet victory in Jesus – love this song here – love the thought that faith shall be our eyes and we shall rise in His victory won for us whenever and wherever He calls our name!!! Do you have faith in what He did on the cross for you and your personal sin and His ability to bring you victory in your own personal life here now and forever??? Worthy is the lamb of my all for His victory in and through this life He has given to me!!!

victorious King

Family of God


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