The Freedom Road

Each one of us in life have the freedom to choose our own personal road choice and we each one lead ourselves first to choose it!!! Now how exciting of an opportunity is that for the best life ever!!! That thought just makes me smile!!! I share with you live more about my heart that feels it is important to consider choosing the best road here!!!

Jesus says this about life with Him: “I am the truth, the way and the life.” Nobody comes to the Father except through Me.” He says that He came to give us freedom for in knowing the truth, “the truth shall set you free.”

What does that true freedom mean??? I really like how this man talks about true freedom here.

Where is the road you are on leading you dear one???

Jesus Invites to cross the bridge

As you ponder the message of true freedom that I have shared here, I ask you “Are you free?” If you choose the true freedom Jesus offers, just pray this to Jesus to know you are safely on your forever life journey with Him:


Freedom For My Soul

I choose you as my personal Savior from sin!!!

Given the freedom road I have chosen – JESUS, I love this song here!!! Are you traveling that road with me??? I would sooo love that!!! Father’s love to you wherever you are!!!

Jesus outstretched hands


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