The Value of Love

When Jesus came into this world, He had a mission to accomplish during His years here on earth!!! He ministered to many people – some He was only with one time, some many times and His disciples most of the time!!! Jesus made a difference in the lives of a lot of people while He was on earth, although when He departed there were still people who were poor, sick and not aware of who He was nor what He did for them!!!  He made the possible difference in all people’s lives by giving all people the option of choosing salvation from their sins by putting their faith in His finished work on the cross, but they needed to hear it from those who followed after Him!!! WOW!!! Talk about one person making an eternal difference with His life, Jesus did!!!

One such man that Jesus’ was able to make a difference to was Simon the leper, whom Jesus healed and radically changed his life forever in more ways than one!!! This man was an outcast due to his disease and could have never had a house full of people, but after being healed by Jesus, we find Jesus and His disciples present there at his table!!! WOW!!! Jesus definitely changes lives for sure!!!

Simon Healed

Oil On Jesus

While reclining at the table, there was a sister of God’s family that was moved to show an act of kindness towards Jesus whom she cared about greatly!!! She brought with her an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on His head. When the disciples saw this, they did not understand why she would sacrifice such an investment upon Jesus and they saw it as a waste and that the money could’ve been spent in better ways, like giving it to the poor. Jesus did not see it that way, however and He told the disciples her side of the story, in that it was a very beautiful act in which she chose to show Jesus her love while He was still living. She was not forced to make the sacrifice, she wanted to!!! Knowing the big picture that He was going to the cross soon, Jesus saw it as an act to prepare Him for His burial. He said in response:

“I tell you the truth; wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.”

Now how sweet is that!!! This truly shows that an act of kindness towards someone we love does make a difference to a heart!!! As I reflect on this story, it speaks to me that it is very important to invest in relationships while we are living, not only because it is opportunity to share God’s love that He puts into our hearts which is what God’s heart is all about for us as we live life here, but also because it may also be what prepares someone with the blessed gift of salvation for leaving this earth well cared for forever!!! He said the poor will always be with us and yes, we can and should help the financially poor in the world as we journey through this life, but investing in the relationships of those poor in spirit right around us in life is also important in making an eternal difference!!! Reaching the poor in spirit with the love and grace of Jesus will give someone forever life and may be just the thing to help them live victoriously while on this earth, too. A physical meal may only last a day and when that life is gone from the earth, the most important thing will be that they knew Jesus as their Savior!!! That is developed through relationship!!!

Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit

Mother With Smiling Baby

I think that it is very special that Jesus was able to experience the love of people in His life while He was with them!!! He IS love!!! Relationships in this life are the most important thing in all of life as modeled by Jesus for sure!!!  A love relationship with people is what Jesus lived and died for!!! In pondering all of this, where is your heart led to invest in people??? How??? Where are the poor in spirit around you that you can invest the gift of you in relationship with to help, dear one??? Who can you help that is poor in need of a meal, some clothes or other financial care for their basic needs in life??? 

Even if you do not have what you do acknowledged publicly like the woman in the Bible story did, this you can know, Jesus sees it and He will not forget what you do to show Him love and help His people while we walk this earth!!! He will bless you in heaven and while on this earth, it will make your heart glad, too, knowing that you are blessing others around you in life in divine ways!!!

I’m sooo proud of you for your heart like the heart of Jesus that appreciates receiving and giving love!!! That is what life is all about!!! Much love to you wherever you are today!!! Know that Jesus loves you with unfailing, unconditional love and He sees us as His kids of faith as holy, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation!!! That was what His whole life was about – wanting to be able to show us and tell us that very message through the way He lived His life and through His Words!!! Now how can we even begin to put a value on that?!! His love is priceless and we are blessed with all the glorious riches of Christ Jesus’ kingdom forever!!! Let us bless Him forever!!! Here is a song of the amazing love of our King of love – Jesus!!!

Jesus and Man

Matthew 26:6-13


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