Overcoming Trauma (PTSD)

Sometimes in life, we all can experience evil at work in the world!!! God tells us this about it:

“…our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” 

Ephesians 6:12

All the time, the Lord Jesus is good. He is good all the time and He is never tempted to do evil!!! He understands battle with the enemy from His own life and intentional mission lived out on this earth when He experienced this:

Devil Said They are Mine

Jesus Battling Jesus

Lion Cross and lamb

victorious King

Jesus with hole in hand

Jesus understands us and evil-induced trauma – encounters with the enemy of this world!!! Through the cross, Jesus has forever conquered the evil one. YAY!!! Through our faith in Christ as our personal Savior from sin, we have forever life with our Father and nothing in all creation can ever separate us from His love and gift of being with Him in His paradise Kingdom where there is no more evil. When the time is right, and our Lord tells us in His written Word that there is a divine plan in the works that when heaven is filled, we as our Father’s kids of faith in Him will be forever with Him in safety from the evil one!!! Glory be!!! It is our Father’s heart that all people have eternal life with Him forever and He patiently waits for all to come to the saving knowledge of Him, however, He gives people choice to choose Him!!! When we experience evil in this world, it is our Father’s heart to help heal us – to restore us to divine strength and ability to overcome the pain of trauma from evil experiences so that we can continue in carrying out His will, His plan and His purpose for which we were each designed and fully equipped with gifts, skills and talents to accomplish in this life.  Despite a brush with evil, our Father can bring us comfort and enable us to glean from our experiences that we can in turn help others that may be struggling in this life. That is a blessing to be able to help others have victory!!! It is a way to overcome evil with good!!! Oh I sooo like that thought!!!

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder can be a condition that we may develop after going through a deep pain that may last a long time and there are ways to work through it so that what has happened in the past does not control our present and future life. Below are three different videos that talk more about this process of healing and overcoming flashbacks to trauma and disassociation as a result of trauma. Perhaps these will be helpful to you and/or it may be that you know of someone who struggles with PTSD that may find this information helpful.  There is help available.  Nobody ever has to continue in the snare of living in past traumas.  God bless you in your reflection of these!!!

PTSD – Part 1 Embracing the Idea of Healing here.

PTSD – Part 2 Establishing Coping Skills and a Safety Plan for Overcoming Triggers Back to Trauma here.

PTSD – Part 3 Father Desires to Give Us Victory in Emotional Control here.

I close with this song here that welcomes the Holy Spirit into our life that is the beginning of victory. If you have not ever received Jesus as your personal Savior from sin of which everybody has, just tell Him like you would talk to a friend and tell Him you want Him to be your personal Savior and that you want to have His Holy Spirit indwell your heart and guide you through all of life. Know that He loves you with unfailing, unconditional love and He delights to journey through forever life with you!!! Through faith in His finished work on the cross, He sees each of us as His kids of faith as holy, without blemish and without accusation – with no condemnation!!! The Devil seeks to convince us otherwise to defeat us!!!

The Lord dwelling in you will speak to you through His Spirit, through His written Word (the Bible as a whole book, read in context), through the godly counsel of others and life circumstances. He can open and close doors for us to put us where we need to be in life to carry out our life purpose!!! Oh Jesus makes life sweet in all ways!!! May you know His sweet love, comfort, forgiveness, help, freedom and forever life victory wherever you are!!! Nobody is ever beyond His reach!!! Never will He leave us nor forsake us!!! He beckons you to come to Him dear one!!! Nothing compares to the love and hope that we have in Jesus!!!

Jesus with Us

Jesus smiling

Image of God Hugging Son





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