Blessed in the Watching

Our Father’s grace and peace to you, family of Jesus!!! As I reflect upon our Father’s Word today, I see His smile upon His shepherds who are going about their lives watching over their flocks with hearts of diligence and perseverance where He has them in life. In their going through their life doing what they were given to do in purpose, they saw the glory of the Lord shining around them in their presence as an angel of the Lord appeared to them. Their response  when they had the glory of the all-powerful God shining around them and not understanding what was happening was terrifying as it says in Luke 2:9 “they were afraid.”

The heart of our Father for all of His people is this: “Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” What was that good news??? It was the day of our Father’s gift upon them that came on the day called the then “today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.” 



People Need the Lord

Our Father is all the time good, He is good all the time to us as His kids of faith in His gift of Him as our personal Savior from sin. Because His thoughts and ways are so much higher than ours as His children, it would be scary to see His glory shining all around us if we didn’t know that God IS love, all-powerful, all-wise and always working good for us and in us and around us as His children of faith who look to Him!!!

God Has Amazing Plan for You

Never Underestimate the Power of God

Victory in Jesus

Our Father has repeatedly told His children in His Word (the Bible) just as the angel of the Lord said to the shepherds on that day of their watching over their flock: “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” The good news of Christ as our Savior IS for all people who choose Him and desire to hear His voice for them in life. For those who choose their flesh, Satan or this world as their hope, their guide, their god, they should have legitimate fear when they see the glory of the Lord coming down from heaven because it will not be a good day for them. YIKES!!! Watch out!!! Even demons believe in who Jesus is as the Savior of the world and shudder, but they do not look to Him in faith in Him or believe in Him as their God who has the divine plan for their life.

Jesus Battling Jesus

Do Not Give the Devil A Foothold

God Who Saves

Upon faith in Jesus as our Savior from sin, His Holy Spirit enters our hearts to empower us to live the Christian life. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. Faith in Him as our Savior from personal sin finds us with He forever sealed in our hearts and nothing can separate us from His love. Has your heart of faith received Him as Savior dear one??? With faith in Him as we journey through life, our lives are empowered by His Spirit to bear the fruit of His Spirit that includes having His great joy!!! Oh joy!!!

If you are a shepherd watching over the flock given to you or one of the “all the people,” I want to encourage you that as you go about your daily work of carrying for those entrusted to you in faith – carrying out His specific will, His plan and His purpose for you as one of His children, be open to our Father’s guidance for you and you shall see His glory will shine around you, too!!! What He brings into your life and mine will be good and it will be good for all the people around us in life!!! It will result in His great joy for us and them also!!! Double joy!!!

Jesus with Sheep

Let us keep our hearts open to the voice of our Father for the ultimate good in life as nothing compares to it, dear family!!! His good is for us forever and not just for the small dot of time we have here on earth!!! When the Lord’s message came to the shepherds, they were in a state of learning. Their first reaction they had was unhealthy fear of what was happening in their life. We could say it was sin or lack of trusting in the Lord, but the good news is that because of their faith in being open to hearing the good news of the Savior that our Father brought to them, salvation was theirs and great was their joy for embracing what our Father had for them!!! There is no fear in perfect love of which our Father is. Fear (reverence) or awe of His love and goodness to us is the beginning of good understanding. When we trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding and in all our ways acknowledge Him, He will guide our steps in divine victorious ways through all of life!!! Now that is good news to trust and believe in and to find great joy in over anything else in this whole world!!! How awesome to know that we are led by grace and love by One who wants to be our first and greatest love in all of life because He desires the divine best for us in life!!! He made us to love us perfectly if we chose to let Him!!! Oh I’m choosing He who loves us perfectly and has us who have faith in Him by the right hand guiding us in triumphant procession onward to our forever home coming soon where His glory will shine around us forevermore and where we will forever have the fullness of His great joy and no unhealthy fear at all!!!

Fruit of the Spirit is Joy

We can have His freedom from unhealthy fear and have His great joy here and now in our lives, too, as we look to Him in faith to guide us!!! His ways are best for us and spare us from many troubles in life!!! His promise to us kids of faith is “Never will I leave you nor forsake you.” Bless Him for watching out for us!!! How do you hear Him calling you to the glory of His good news and joy shining around you where He has you in life, dear one to Him??? Where do you need to hear it??? Seek His heart and you will find it!!! His glory and joy shining into our world – that is His heart for us!!! I love that thought and love this song here. His joy and love to you wherever you are and no matter what time of day it is where you are!!! Our Savior is born to us who have faith in Him this day!!! Oh joy again forever!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Let’s celebrate our Savior and best friend in this world with us working in us of faith in Him to carry out His daily purpose for us in life. Let’s spread the good news so others have His glory and joy and best in life shining all around them this Christmas, too!!!


With You We Are Victorious


The Pursuit of Joy



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