Stars of Wonder

Oh it is a day filled with wonder, sweet family!!! Our Father’s ways and thoughts are so far beyond us and all good!!! In Him is no evil and He can not be tempted to do evil. He IS love all the time and working in ways that are always true, right and good!!! How He does some of the things He does is a wonder for sure!!! One of the wonders is the way that He has made stars shine. Stars shine because they are hot and on fire, hence they shine white light just like a piece of iron that is heated in the fire until it shines forth bright light. There is a visible glow that results from the heat.

Heated Iron

Many years ago, because of the heated attitude that the enemy had towards our Father, it brought forth into this world the bright light of Jesus as a Savior to shine forth our Father’s love and rescue of us all from the enemy of darkness. Our Father pointed the way to find this Savior of the world to three wise men by shining a bright star of wonder in the sky for them to follow, leading them to a tiny manger where the newborn babe laid. The true star in the whole Christmas story was Jesus – God Himself coming into the earth in the flesh of a man who grew up, taking the heat of Satan’s efforts to defeat Him and victoriously enduring a cross so that all people could be rescued from the wages of sin which was death. It was what needed to happen for a people led into sin by Satan in order for the people to have reconciliation with a holy sinless God. Jesus, taking the heat of the cross, shined bright forever triumph light over the grave’s darkness and all who believe in His finished work on the cross now have been saved from death and eternal separation from our God who loves us and desires that we be His people forevermore!!! YAY!!! WAY TO SHINE SWEET VICTORY FATHER!!! BLESS YOU FOREVER!!!

Cross Fire

As a result of that heated battle between Satan and our Father, whoever has faith in what Christ did on the cross shall never perish, but have everlasting life and our Father now sees each one of us as His royal children, holy, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation!!! SSSWWWEEETTT!!! Because He now sees us this way, His Holy Spirit has indwelled our hearts to empower us to shine as bright lights of His Kingdom here on the earth in the heat of the enemy who would love to defeat God’s people!!! Jesus, the Star of Wonder from Heaven in us,  protects us from the enemy heat and enables us to shine forth instead His bright light into this world to show the way of victory to His eternal Kingdom for others!!! That there makes each one of us as His royal kids “star shine.” Now how awesome is that “star shine” YOU!!! The God of Wonder shines forth through YOU in this world and you and Father together are a “star of wonder” together in deed!!! So shine forth with all of Father’s supernatural wonder at work in you to shed divine light on Jesus where He has you located in this world this Christmas season!!! You are a star of wonder on purpose to enable those He puts you before to be able to see Him, the perfect light in their midst as this song says here!!! How is He leading you to shine where you are today??? Oh in seeking to follow Him yourself, you may just shine the light needed for someone else to see Jesus in their world, too!!! Now how awesome would that be, plus in following the light of our Father, we get to see the beauty of His light shining in our own world, too and oh that is a beautiful Star of Wonder sight to see!!! I’m seeking our Father’s light to shine on His love and light with you, dear ones!!! Oh that all just makes me smile!!! 🙂

In the Furnace


“You are the light of the world.” Mt 5:14 NIV

“…you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life…”

Philippians 2:15-16 NIV

Star of Bethlehem




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