The Circle of Love

I spent time this week putting up Christmas decorations in my home and this morning, I have been enjoying seeing them all around me. Christmas decorations are not Christmas in themselves for sure!!! At Christmas time, we put decorations around our homes not because we worship them or make them our idols of focus, but because they are symbolic of things that point us in thought to what Christmas is – Jesus and His love for us as His children of faith. Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration??? As I was going through my Christmas box of decorations this week, I enjoyed bringing out various different decorations as many of them are reminders to me not only of Christ and His love for us, but also they bring to memory love shared with special ones in past Christmases.

Cross Ornament

When my daughter was growing up, every year I gave her a new Christmas ornament so that when she was 18 and perhaps had her own tree, she would have a set of tree ornaments for her own home to remind her of Christ’s love for her and memories of our home’s love for her. My son-in-law’s family did the same for him, therefore, the two of them have enough sentimental ornaments to fill their tree with lots of love to go all around!!! It was sweet to watch them decorate their tree this year when I was in Tucson visiting!!! I hold that time there as special memories for this Christmas to add to my collection of fond Christmas memories of time spent with loved ones in Christmases past now in the present!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

As I have pondered decorations today, the evergreen Christmas wreath is on my mind and I realize what a beautiful symbol it is of our Father’s love for us. How so??? Well, the evergreen is symbolic of everlasting life – an evergreen is always green with the appearance of thriving life, even in the winter months!!! We celebrate at Christmas time, our Savior’s evergreen, ever live and ever divinely jealous love for us that is without end for us as His children of faith!!! The evergreen wreath is also a circle that is symbolic of our Father’s love for us that is without end – never broken!!!

Evergreen Wreath

Oh now how special is that to us, sweet family!!! The circle wreath is also symbolic of the truth that the first Christmas began in the heart of God and was made complete when it reached our heart. It then continues on around circle to love others with heart for them and our sweet Father while remembering and being refreshed by our Father’s precious love for our self. The circle of Father’s love – oh I am thankful for this Christmas reminder of how Christmas begins and never ends!!! That thought just keeps me smiling and filled with Father’s love!!!

“God…made His light shine in our hearts…”

2 Corinthians 4:6

Cross In Heart

How is Father shining His light of love within your heart today, dear family??? We, like the evergreen Christmas wreath were made to thrive forever without end as this song says here. Father’s Christmas love to you wherever you are today!!!

Jesus Delighting in Me

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

John 13:34


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