Revealing the Divine

Hi, sweet family!!! Our Father lays in on my heart today to talk about goals. Goals in life—everybody has them whether they write them down or publicly declare them or not. Goals are targets that we are aiming for based upon a heart’s desire and depending on how strong that desire is within us, we can become very driven to reach that goal, sometimes even fighting to the death in an effort to reach it and not have it defeated!!!  That is the heart of a martyr for Christ!!! It can also be the heart of Satan who seeks to steal, murder and destroy.

Jesus is Our Champion

Joseph was a man in the Bible who had a goal – a desire to marry a woman we as children of faith know by the name of Mary. There was a plan that the two would be married, until something happened that caused Joseph to look at Mary differently – not as his beloved. This change happened when he realized that she was expecting a child, he then saw her thru the eyes of the enemy as a threat to his personal heart’s desire. This is because he did not understand the divinity of the child within her as God Himself in the man of Jesus Christ!!! His pride from concern about his reputation in the eyes of people got in the way of his divine mindset to the point that he was planning on ending the relationship with Mary. He could’ve justified it that he was ending the relationship with Mary in self-defense, he had to protect himself!!! It is amazing that he had that goal fixed in his mind, but as soon as it was revealed to him that it was God’s plan for him to marry Mary because it was a God-ordained relationship and the purpose was divine, Joseph’s heart goal was changed and he took Mary to be his bride and together they teamed to bring the Christ child into the world!!! YAY SWEEET VICTORY!!! 🙂 Oh that just makes me smile!!! The circumstances did have some divine boundaries with it, though, in that Joseph and Mary were told not to be sexually intimate during the time Mary was carrying Jesus within her and they honored that.

Trophies of Grace

As I pondered this thought about ending relationships, self-defense and fighting for personal goals, there are a few key questions that I see as important that we should consider in our lives as these relationships are pondered. The answers can make a divine difference just as it did in Joseph’s life.

  • Is this relationship one that undermines and attempts to sabotage you and your goals???
  • Are the goals of your heart united with the goals of Jesus or are they goals of your flesh, the world or other people’s flesh???
  • Is this relationship one that undermines and attempts to sabotage the goals of your flesh or our Father’s goals??? One could be a divinely healthy relationship to have and one could be eternally destructive.
  • What are God’s goals for your life??? How does this person fit into those goals of God for your life???
  • Are there boundaries or changes that need to be made to follow with the keeping of God’s goals in our lives that could allow a relationship to continue together??? Boundaries and changes need to be clear and then followed if the relationship is to be divine. Confusion and uncertainty creates problems as we saw how it did with Joseph.

People can offer us advice to help us in life out of a heart to join with our Father’s purpose for us, not to harm us, but to prosper us, plans to give us hope and a future, but if a person’s heart is not in line with desiring God’s purpose or goal for their life as they are involved in our lives, they may not be someone we want to be welcoming into our close personal lives. I am thankful that Joseph listened to the voice of our Father in his unique personal situation and did not end his relationship with Mary because in so doing, it made a forever difference in the world!!!

Cross with Manger

The truth makes a difference and sets us free from the enemy’s schemes!!! Father brings to my mind this Christmas song here called “What Child is This?”

Mary and Jesus

It is good that this Christ child was accurately identified. It made an eternal difference to us of faith!!! You, dear child of faith and me as well can also make an eternal difference as we weigh these questions in our relationships. Our Father will guide us as we seek Him with a heart that is open to His goals for us!!! Much love to you wherever you are!!! Let us remember:

God Is Love



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