Drawing Close to the King

New day greetings, precious family!!! Many years ago, a King was born into this world and while He was from a royal family, He chose to present Himself into the world in a humble appearance by being born in a lowly manger. While He was the King of  kings and the Lord of lords, He left His heavenly throne to come into this earth to love and save people from the work of the enemy Satan who enticed God’s people into sin as they sought to live out their lives on earth. Because they fell into Satan’s scheming to act contrary to our Father’s heart for them, they were thus separated forever from our Father who created us and desires to have us as His beloved family forever. Father’s solution was to Himself come into the world to take upon Himself the wages of sin which was death – death on a cross!!! He ascended into the pit of hell, took back the keys to open up the door to our forever freedom from sin’s eternal consequences so that we could be forgiven, be reconciled to our Father and have eternal life in His paradise Kingdom of heaven coming soon!!! There will be no more problems with the enemy of this world there!!! WOOOHOOO!!! GLORY!!! THANK YOU FATHER FOR RESCUING US THRU FAITH AS YOU SAY:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life in Him.”

John 3:16

Cross with Manger

Manger Cross

Upon faith, we each have been drawn close into a reconciled relationship to our Father the King and He has given us eternal position as His royal children, heirs to all of the glorious riches of His Kingdom with Christ!!! Now “see what great love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.” (1 John 3:1) Oh I love that thought that we are our Father’s beloved children to let Father reveal Himself thru us to the world – it just makes me smile to think of the whole world knowing our sweet Father who is all that is all wise, good, right, true, of our rescue, power and love!!! 🙂

Jesus Looking at Man

Girl Reaching to Jesus

As our Father’s children, upon faith in Him, us being drawn into close relationship with Him as King, His Spirit indwells our hearts and gives us each one unique spiritual gifts and abilities to be in the position to be earthly vessels of His love and His light in this world as He enables us to be. When we see His glory manifested through people, we can know that it is our Father and His gift of grace that is enabling them to do what they do in life and not the person themselves. We may idolize our Father’s gifting of grace thru them, but not the person themselves. Our Father tells us in His Word that apart from Him, none of us can do anything, nor would we be anything or have anything. We ourselves are not the King and not worthy of praise and adoration in ourselves. We can however, encourage and love one another, spurring each other on to love and good deeds and remind each other of our love and standing in Christ Jesus in this world!!! Our Father tells us to and that His Word is useful to do so:

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”

2 Timothy 3:16

To draw near to someone thinking that a person can give us position, power or fame is to put our hopes in what is false, dear family!!! We may have people in our lives that we enjoy working with and we appreciate their giftedness and heart of divine purpose that our Father puts us with, but only our Father can put us in life where He wants us and them to be and it is His favor and purpose for us that always prevails. I am sooo thankful Father has us in His grip in life!!! He can raise people up to certain positions and He can pull them down as He desires to put us all where we are supposed to be for His divine purposes. His place for us in life is always divine and oh, that is sure where we need to be for the divine to happen – amen, sweet saints?!!

Seek God's Will

Women Praying for Others

King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible is an example to learn from, in that he by God’s favor had been given an earthly king position who accomplished much with the Lord’s help and when he started to take credit for the accomplishments as of himself, he found himself in the state of madness for a period of 7 years in the desert until he acknowledged that the source of his accomplishment was because of God at work thru him. The lesson we as our Father’s people can learn from this story is that we ourselves cannot be successful in seeking our own position in life – only our Father can bring about His fruitfulness into the world thru His people as we draw close to Him as our King of Glory!!! He chose the disciples to be in the position of being with Him when He walked the earth and He calls each one of us to be His disciples as well to walk with Him in close relationship to Him and to those He calls us to and enables us to do life with.

Jesus and His Disciples

Dare to Be a Disciple

Wise people like the wise men in the Christmas story still seek to draw close to the King – the King Jesus and in so doing, they find the divine position of being able to experience doing life in the presence of He who is with us always!!! Never will He leave us nor forsake us and nothing can ever separate us from His love and presence that is forever ours through our faith in Him as our King and Savior!!!


Enjoy His presence with you, guiding you wherever He has placed you in life, dear ones and know that it is for a divine purpose where you are!!! I am sooo proud of you for seeking close relationship with Jesus and for being a vessel willing to let Him work thru you to carry out His will, plan and purpose in this world!!! Oh you and Jesus team make a difference together like nobody else in this world!!! Rock on with Jesus and know that you are loved forever as sons and daughters of the all victorious King!!! Here is a song that we can reflect upon today as His kids about drawing close to Jesus!!! Merry Christmas Spirit be with you all wherever you are!!!

I am A Princess Crown

victorious King

Kingdom of God In You


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