The Savior

Our sweet Father has risen up light in the sky to help us to see as we journey thru life today. Bless Him!!! The darkness of the night has passed and I am raised up rested in the love of my Father for me as I begin this day!!! Off to a divine start, I am and because I know that Jesus is with me, I know it is going to be a divine day all day long until Father lowers the sun and raises up the moon as His children seek sleep again.  I smile as I think about it like it is just one of our Father’s many ways of love for me as this Idaho kid!!! How do you see His divine love revealed to you where you are???

Oh our Father shows us His love and faithfulness to us in sooo many ways!!! In the Christmas story, our Father did a similar thing with light to lead the three wise men to where Jesus was born so that they could make connection with Him, worship Him and give to Him their gift offerings of love to Him!!! Because they had a heart for Jesus and His kingdom, they had connection with Him and His divine guidance and the blessings of doing life with the King of kings and Lord of lords. A heart that seeks after the kingdom of Jesus to bless Him thru worship and sharing our gifts with Him in life makes a difference and we see that example in the story of the three wise men!!!

Mystery of Christmas Star

Wise Men with Star

In this story of the three wise men seeking the kingdom of Jesus, there was an example of what the opposite of what it looks like on a life to not seek after the kingdom of Jesus!!! YIKES!!! An earthly king by the name of Herod who had his heart set on building his own kingdom chose to work against Jesus. His mindset of wanting to protect his own kingship and kingdom was that “I can’t be hurt if I’m in control” and when he learned there was a new King born that the three wise men sought his counsel on, Herod became intent on destroying Jesus. Therefore, he tried to manipulate the three wise men into telling him where Jesus was when they found him.


When the three wise men didn’t do so because our Father had given them insight into Herod’s evil scheme, Herod became furious and sought out to have every boy two and under destroyed in hopes of also destroying Jesus!!! How sad for sooo many that lost loved ones over one person who was not willing to let Jesus love him and help him be a divine earthly king with the help of the God of the universe guiding him. If he had only chosen to unite in relationship with Jesus and team with the three wise men with a heart to also worship and gift Jesus, his life could’ve been eternally different. His plan for control so that  he wouldn’t be hurt forever backed fired on him. Our Father never intended any one person to work without Him or without the others our Father has put around us to help us in life!!! Our Father said of the first man – it is not good for man to be alone, so He made him a suitable helper. Do you seek Jesus and the godly counsel of others in your life, dear ones or are you seeking to do life all alone??? Where do you need help in finding Jesus??? Who has our Father put before you that can assist you in that???

Nativity with three wise men

Well, the good news is that Joseph, Mary and Jesus escaped king Herod’s efforts to destroy Jesus and that is why we celebrate Christmas today!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I love our Father’s victory for us as His kids!!! Jesus always has the triumph and He always leads us as His children of faith in triumphant procession as we seek Him!!! Oh I’m sooo thankful that the presence of Jesus has been revealed by our Father’s light to each of us and that we have His indwelling presence with us to guide us by His holy light through all of this earthly life into His forever kingdom of forever Christmas bliss!!! Oh now that just makes me forever smiling!!! Enjoy His presence with you, precious saints and let us worship Him and bless Him with our gifts of love, not because we have to, but because we get to!!! Oh what a privilege and honor it is to be invited to join Him in forever life!!! Blessed kids are we!!! Much love to you wherever you travel with Jesus guiding you today!!! I am sooo thankful our Father has put you in my life with me so that we can work together to go where Jesus is leading us to be with Him where He is wanting us!!! Loving Jesus and loving one another – it’s how our Father intended it as this song says here.

Christmas Family

Is Jesus your Savior for all of life??? Are you for His Kingdom???


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