The “I” Has It

It is a glorious gift of divine grace upon us that we have this new day together as our Father’s kids with Him with us as we journey through life today!!! I am very thankful for our Father who IS love and who is all about relationship – our relationship first and foremost with Him and then with each other and those our Father puts around us in life!!! How special it is to know and experience divine love in life!!! Even animals appreciate love!!! Yesterday I was at the zoo north of Phoenix and just watching the animals as they interacted with human kindness to them and each other was sooo sweet and of our Father’s love. Even the big ole rhino liked having its head patted by its caregiver!!! ūüôā

To have the comfort and reassurance of love as we journey thru life is very dear to us in life and that is the Word our Father has laid on my heart today as I reflect upon the story of His disciples who were going out into life as Jesus had asked them to do, setting out in a boat to cross the sea as Jesus sent crowds away and spent some alone time with His Father.

Jesus Looking at Man

Holy Bible with Cross

As the disciples ventured out in following their Lord, the waves on the sea were “contrary” or¬†unexpected, opposite of what they would’ve chosen. However, in that wave of circumstance they found themselves in, another unexpected, but divine thing happened – Jesus came walking to them on top of the water!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Jesus was on top of it as usual – nothing contrary or unexpected in that!!! WAY TO ROCK FOR YOUR KIDS, JESUS!!! HOOORAH!!! While Jesus was on top of it, His disciples were¬†crying out in¬†question and fear as they looked upon Him, as if seeing a ghost. In that Jesus does not want His kingdom family to fear in life, He immediately comforted them saying “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” I love how Peter courageously spoke up seeing great opportunity to experience the divine in a new way as he said to the Lord, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” Oh Jesus loves a brave and courageous child of faith and He immediately jumped on Peter’s offer to step out bravely, saying “Come!” Hence, Peter did and Peter actually walked on the water as long as He kept His eyes on His Lord!!! Now how awesome is that!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! WAY TO STEP OUT IN TRUST IN JESUS EMPOWERING HIS SON!!!

Peter Learning to Walk on Water

As I reflect upon this story today, how is Jesus asking you to step out in faith in a new way??? Are there circumstances in your life that are “contrary” or unexpected, opposite of what you perhaps would have chosen or thought would be life’s scenario??? Oh how awesome it will be to trust it to Jesus to be on top of it just as He was with His disciples in all of their experiences!!! His heart for us is to not fear, but have peace in Him and step into the circumstances trusting in His power to enable us to walk divinely on top of the waves with eyes fixed on Him!!!

God Our Help


YYYEEEHHHAAAWWW!!! How exciting to see the divine life happen in a new way in life!!! Jesus is always up to razzle dazzle when it comes to producing genuine faith in His sons and daughters!!! That is all because He loves us and He wants us to realize just how very true that is and how capable He is to handle all of our life circumstances victoriously!!! Whooop!!! Whooop!!! Whooop!!!

God Sees You

Let’s keep being brave and stepping courageously as He sends us, knowing we will not face anything alone without Him seeing us and being present with us to be more than conquerors in all things thru Him who loves us!!! I love this song here about how He makes us brave!!! YYYEEESSS!!! If He calls us to it, He will see us thru it and He will lead our hearts to want to step out onto the waves of life knowing He is with us!!!


Jesus on Water

Best Foor Forward On Water

Sooo proud of you for keeping conquering faith in He who loves us and is for us always over fear, for He (Jesus), the everlasting “I” has it!!! He is before all things life puts before us in our lives and without ending faithfulness to see us through all things¬†forever safe and victorious!!! How exciting life is with the God of the Universe journeying with us!!! He makes life sooo interesting and divine!!! He always just makes me smile!!! ūüôā¬†I celebrate His love with you, dear one of faith!!! Always blessed by the King are we!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

God Is My Keeper

 Power of Christ

The Call to Freedom

Delightful day greetings to you dear family!!! Jesus has set us forever free from the law of performance in life to earn His love and acceptance!!! What a big sigh of relief is that for us as kids of faith who are not capable of living perfectly!!! There is only One who is perfect and that is Jesus who loves us as His kids of faith with unfailing, unconditional love!!! Bless Him!!!

Our sweet Father understands our struggles with the flesh and the enemy and therefore, He has given us His Spirit in us to help us live in His power Р it is He who works in us to will and act according to His purpose for us in life. His Spirit with us is not a Spirit of fear and timidity, but one of power, love and self-discipline!!!

Let Out the Roar

It is important that we¬†are aware of¬†this in life because we as people¬†can sometimes find ourselves doing things out of fear of losing people in our lives rather than doing things based on our Father’s Spirit of love moving us to love and serve others.¬†Having been called to freedom in Christ, our freedom should overflow with gratitude, an overflowing heart and love for others. To give bountifully from a divine motive has blessing and reward. Our Father’s Word tells us that when we refresh others, we are refreshed ourselves. It is something we want to do. It is truly more blessed to give than receive!!!

Walk in the Spirit

Heart with Kids

I share this with you, dear ones, because if one finds themselves in a place of giving without cheer, it is a good time to check one’s motivation for why we do what we do. Our lives should be freedom in Christ first, service second. If we serve to break free from fear, it is time for our Father to work on resolving the fears in life and creating healthy boundaries to guard the freedom in Him that we are called to in life!!!

Where You Are I Am Free

Oh when we are moving thru life in our Father’s freedom for us and moving with His Spirit of love working in our hearts, we are going to have a heart passion that wants to love and serve others He puts upon our hearts!!!

Hearts on Fire

Oh, I’m sooo happy to be doing life with you with Jesus here!!! It just makes me smile!!! Is your heart serving somewhere out of fear??? How is Jesus leading you to resolve the fear and set healthy boundaries to guard your freedom in Him??? If divine freedom is needed in your life, I¬†am excited for you to break free and have a cheerful heart at peace in Jesus!!! I love this song about freedom here.¬†Father’s love to you wherever you are today!!! Enjoy His presence with us to help us live life freely!!!

A Heart Set on Purpose

HOOORAH!!! I am thrilled about living life again today!!! Why??? Well, it is because this is no day like any other and it is a day with divine opportunity to do new things that we will encounter as never before!!! No two days are ever exactly the same!!! Now how adventurous is that for us kids of faith!!! Life could become pretty mundane if it wasn’t for the way our Father puts life together so that it is always interesting and He helps us to love life here in how He gives to our hearts great enthusiasm as His Word tells us:

“He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11NASB

Never Underestimate the Power of God

There is a certain element of mystery about life that makes it interesting in that we do not have it all figured out on our own and that is good because it keeps us dependent on our Father!!! It keeps us reaching to hold onto personal relationship with our Father who loves us with unfailing, unconditional love at all times!!! Life at times is suspenseful and on the edge of our seat and wooohooo – how exciting is that to see how our Father guides us and works life out divinely for us as we look to Him in faith!!! ¬†His promise to us is “never will I leave you nor forsake you.” I love life adventures with our Father!!! This we can always know in life experiences:

“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son…”

Romans 8:28-29NASB

Jesus is always working things with the view of an eternal victorious paradise plan for us to grow us and prepare us as His kids for His kingdom coming soon!!! Our faith is being made genuine as we see His faithfulness to see us thru life divinely!!! If there is anything that is the same about our everyday lives, it is this – we can always trust our Father to take care of us and work thru all of our lives with eternal purpose and victorious outcome that makes a divine difference in the long-term plans our Father has for us as we look to Him!!!

Power and Victory


Catch the Vision

Sometimes there are parts of our days that are the same each day, but always with divine purpose that excites us about doing those things repeatedly knowing it makes an eternal difference in this world and sometimes there are new adventures unlike other days for us to enjoy, experience and glean from that teach us and provide us with insights with which we can learn and share with others along the way, too!!! How awesome we are in relationship and can talk heart to heart about the gift of life together!!! I love that!!! For example, I am going on a sunset horseback trail ride later today with my daughter and oh I am looking forward to it!!!  It will be in a place I have ridden before on a horse that I have previously enjoyed great adventures with. I am thankful that our Father has once again blessed me with such a gift in life as this!!!


As I journey, it will be great opportunity for Father/daughter talks and mother/daughter talks, too!!! Now all of that just has my heart set on appreciation of Father’s gifts and purpose for me in life today and puts a big smile on my face that I can journey along life’s trail with Him with you!!! How is our Father blessing you with the gift of life and opportunity to make a forever difference where you are today??? As needed, our Father will give divine insight, help and joy of your heart as He reveals to you how you make such a huge difference in this world to many . This is His heart for you, dear one:

“God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love you have shown towards His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.”¬†

Hebrews 6:10NASB

Jesus Healing Blind

May He set our hearts on fire this day with excitement and joy about the opportunities all around us today to share His love, light and the difference that faith and eternal perspective makes to a heart!!! Joy in the Holy Ghost – I love that gift of our Father as this song says here!!!

Jesus smiling

Fruit of the Spirit is Joy

Reaping Divine Love

It is a beautiful day of life for us as our Father’s beloved kids – we have Jesus leading us and guiding each one of us and He is wanting to do a “divine work” in each of our lives as only He can best!!! Part of that is letting us experience life in such a way that we learn what we need to learn in life from Him as we “reap what we sow.” Our Father tells us this about our lives”

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son…”

Romans 8:28-29NASB

Jesus outstretched hands

Transformed in Mind


Jesus has a plan for every life and the best way that we can love ourselves is to trust in Him and the best way we can love¬†others in our lives is to let them experience life the way our Father intends for them to. He loves us each one perfectly and better than any of us can love!!! Why I say this is because sometimes it can be hard for us to see people experience things in life that are hard lessons for them to learn. We can share our Father’s ways with someone, but when they choose to ignore it, for us to step in and prevent their choice consequences from happening – what God is wanting to¬†have them learn¬†in their lives so they can¬†move forward in life successfully would be to hurt them in an even greater way because it would be to withhold our Father’s divine help in their life that is perfect!!! YIKES!!! We’ve got to watch out for that!!!¬†When our Father lets¬†His kids¬†experience hard-learned lessons in life – the reaping of what¬†is sown, it is not our Father punishing them, but rather He is letting¬†His loved ones¬†experience the natural consequences of life so that¬†they can learn best to live life for the wiser and to His glory!!! People caught in destructive patterns in life by the flesh or the enemy in life need to experience consequences before¬†we can change¬†our behavior. Our Father tells us it is¬†worthless¬†for us to confront foolish or mocking people when He said:

“Do not rebuke a mocker or they will hate you; rebuke a wise person and they will love you.”

Proverbs 9:8

Bible in Hands

When we are open to our Father’s heart of wisdom for us in life, we escape having to learn life the hard way. Oh that can be ouch to learn the hard way, but our Father lets us hurt sooo good!!! In the end there is triumph when the lesson is well learned!!! ūüôā YAY!!!Ultimately we learn the lessons of life the easiest way by embracing His best for us¬†as we read His love letter to us (the Bible). It is by far less painful and that is why our Father gives us His Word!!! He likes to see us joyful in life!!! He delights in us!!! Our Father always desires our best and like any good parent, He teaches us ahead of time what to watch out for in life that is why He has given us His Word to guide us!!!¬†In it, He also tells us of His perfect, unfailing, unconditional love that is ours thru our faith in His finished work on the cross for us. We are forever saved by grace and not by our works and it is He who works in us to will and act according to His good purpose. When we forget to cling to that lesson in life, we must watch out for the reaping of Satan’s laughter at us. Oh kowabunga him!!! He always loves stepping in to keep us from believing our Father’s truths to see how it hurts us.¬†Satan never rebukes us for failing to rest in our Father’s constant love for us!!!

Fight Satan

We can’t let that devil dude win in anyway in our lives, dear ones!!! I ask myself as I ask you “Are you resting in our Father’s constant love for you, saint???” “Is¬†there somewhere our Father is showing you in life to rest¬†in Him from¬†stepping into someone else’s life to prevent their divine learning life lessons by taking their consequences away from them designed¬†to help them turn to what is His divine best in their¬†life???” “Where is our Father showing you to step in to remind someone of how much our Father loves them to rescue them from the enemy???” Let us help each other reap that which is divine in life for the victory life¬†Jesus has for us each. Oh, we will be sooo happy for each other to have His divine best for us all. That is the best victory outcome sight to see in all of life!!!

Jesus the Healer

Because of what Jesus reaped in His life, we have all been sown His righteousness thru faith and victory forever over the enemy of this world. Sowing for the best life in stepping thru life trusting in our Father’s Word to us and His¬†Spirit working in us¬†just keeps us reaping joyfully in all of life!!! I am sooo thankful our Father seeks to help us avoid learning life lessons the hard way, aren’t you!!! I celebrate that our Father’s love and grace is always working ahead of us and for us to prepare the best life for us as His dearly loved kids. Let’s welcome His view¬†into our lives as this song says here.

 Boy With Father

Father Is Always Close

Greetings from Tucson, AZ today. I am heading outside to work in the yard in the sunshine – coming from Idaho in January, it is a simple pleasure I am digging!!! ūüôā In reflection upon our Father today, as children of faith in a great big world, there is one truth we must always remember no matter where we are in life – more live here.

Jesus Looking at Man

Jesus Helping Kids

I love this song here that speaks of our greatest need and gift in all of life!!!

Father's Hand Has Us

Going First for Jesus

Well, dear saints, our Father has taken the lead in creating new life for us again today and because He created us with purpose in this life, He takes the lead to “work in us to will and act according to His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13NASB)

Power of Vision.jpg

In much the same way as Jesus works in us to bring about His purpose that He has designed us to carry out in life, so a leader must put forth a godly aggressive, meaningful pursuit or confrontation in order to push forward the vision that the Lord has given to them as a leader for accomplishing the purpose called to for making a divine difference in this world. This can be in a household, a ministry, a church, a business or within any group of people that is guided by a leader.

Be a Leader Among People.jpg

A good leader knows that this is important in order to keep a group of people on track and in keeping coming back to the truth of its mission!!! Unless someone understands this about a leader, they can sometimes think of that person as self-focused, whereas the truth is they are God-focused for their group’s effort success!!! If a leader doesn’t keep a group focused, it can become very easily diluted by too many excursions and fall short of producing what it is meant to produce!!! Yikes!!! Watch out for getting too involved in going too many directions in life!!!

Leadership Compass

It is the sense of taking responsibility as a leader for what is “first-needs God-given vision” in order for the divine call to happen. It is to ask questions, perhaps initiate conversation to reassure or inform others of what is happening or to point out the necessary direction Jesus desires that a group go in order to take care of first-need priorities in life to keep a group from entering into a crisis situation of ineffectiveness from being overly branched out, moving away from its divine purpose. It is much like a healthy fruit tree that develops too many outreaching limbs that can take needed sap away from the main strength of the tree, keeping it from bearing as much intended fruit as it could if it had less limbs to flow sap in to. Therefore, a master gardener or leader of the orchard must trim off or prune back outcroppings of additional unnecessary limbs in order to encourage more of the initial fruit the tree is intended to produce!!! Now how exciting is that!!!

Man in tree pruning

Pruning Fruit Trees.jpg

In an organization, this can sometimes create animosity from those wanting to produce differently than the fruitfulness of the tree’s true purpose of fruit-bearing. A leader must still prune what is necessary to bring the fruitfulness of its intended purpose!!! Others may or may not choose to follow along. This is why following God’s leader given to us in life is important, so long as they do not lead us contrary to what is of Jesus.

Jesus and His Disciples

In light of this, are you a leader of a group??? If so, is your group on target with your God-given vision??? Where is your group moving out in too many directions??? How should the focus be transferred back to its original source for producing the intended fruit of purpose it was planted to have??? How do you as a leader need to take responsibility to communicate what is necessary to claim the divine and get the group back on target to prevent crisis??? Maybe you are right on target already?!! HOOORAH!!! ūüôā

Rooted in Christ

Know this, saint, Jesus delights in you as His chosen leader where you are to guide His people and keep them healthy and the most fruitful for His kingdom!!! Keep rocking with Father as He leads you divinely!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! The world sooo needs divine leaders like you over the group of His choosing with godly purpose!!! Forward ho in bravery for the divine, dear saint!!! ūüôā I like this song here that talks about how our Father calls His out into His living waters for walking life out bravely!!! Sooo proud of you for following Jesus in leading where He calls you to lead!!! Lead on!!!

Walking in His Will