You Are Loved by the Highest

Confidence in the love of our Father is crucial to standing for Him!!! It is what enabled Christ to succeed in His life on earth “dream/divine work” on the cross and when He needed divine help, our Father gave Him the help and the strength that He needed to persevere in His purpose!!!

Jeesus and enemy

Jesus in Green Grass.jpg

I think about Jesus in His faith in His Father today as I think about Pastor Saeed Abedini who went to Iran to start an orphanage and found himself imprisoned for his faith in Christ. Not only was he imprisoned, but he was also beaten and abused by the enemy of Christ in many ways. Jesus speaks loudly to me today that if we as saints are looking for confirmation from the people around us where He places us in life to keep going in our faith in Christ, it may or may not be there!!! Pastor Saeed probably would have been pretty discouraged many days over the three-year term of imprisonment and if his faith would have been shaky, he may have chosen to give in to the people abusing him, forgoing his faith in Christ and what it was that Christ wanted him to stand for and carry out in his life. YIKES!!! I am sooo thankful that he stood on his faith in our Father’s love for him!!! Because he was faithful to his faith in Jesus and prayed to His Lord, as did his family and others that loved him from afar who knew of his circumstances, his deliverance from the enemy’s prison of torture came and he has now been released from his prison.  WOOOHOOO!!! PRAISE JESUS FOR HIS DELIVERANCE!!! He is presently being treated for his injuries in Germany before heading home to be with his family. He is from my home state and I am sure there will be great celebration for him when he gets here and in heaven when all of our lives on earth are thru here as our Father’s kids of faith!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! Jesus is always worth the stand!!!

Pastor Saeed

Wherever you are at in life, dear family, I want to tell you that you are loved as a child of faith by the greatest One in all the world!!! That is important for each one of us to remember and rely upon!!! There is no other love like the love of Jesus and when we learn that His love is sufficient for us, we can remain strong in His love alone and keep going in His will, His plan, His purpose for us in life!!! We are forever held dear to Jesus and His promise to us as His kids is “Never will I leave you nor forsake you.”(Hebrews 13:5)



Jesus said to seek first His kingdom and then other things will be added to us. Pastor Saeed Abedini has now been blessed with other things in life because of his faithfulness to let Christ be enough to sustain him thru the tough times. He didn’t rest in the confirmation of the love from other people he could see around him to keep him going because there were great lapses in time when he didn’t have it where he could see any one other than those who wanted to belittle him!!! He had a lot of support from his family of faith beyond his prison cells always though!!! That support prayed our Father’s victory for him!!! Where is our Father calling you to pray support for someone going through a tough time of spiritual warfare right now for the cause of Jesus??? Jesus is interceding for each one of us in heaven, too!!!

Jesus Battling Jesus

Jesus calls us as His children of faith to love one another and because the saints who knew Pastor Saeed prayed for him from a distance, he was set free by their prayers of love and faithfulness to Jesus to support their royal family member. Pastor Saeed Abedini was a leader for Christ and because of his faithfulness to go where Christ had for him to go and keep his faith, Christ has been lifted up and glorified all over the world of how he as a man was willing to hold true to Christ despite the work of the enemy in this world!!! I praise Jesus for Pastor Saeed’s bravery and faithfulness to Jesus!!! Where is Jesus calling you to take a stand as a leader in this world, saint??? I want to encourage you to do so, even if it is not the popular amongst the people where Jesus places you!!! The Apostle Paul got this and so did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose birthday is celebrated today. They are in paradise today for their stand for their highest love – Jesus!!!  It will always have a divine outcome for us as children of faith when we hold to the plans and faith in our Father who loves us with forever unfailing, unconditional love!!! YOU are loved with the highest love – the love of the Most High and there is standing power in that love as this song says here.

Jesus with hole in hand

Chosen By God

Make God Your Strength


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