Leading By Divine Example

Blessings to you dear saints!!! Today, our Father speaks to my heart about the leading of His Holy Spirit to guide us in carrying out the call He has for our lives!!! There are lots of ways to pass the insights that Jesus gives to us on to others our Father puts around us in life!!! Sometimes it can be sharing a message from the Bible, an experience we have had and how the Lord delivered us in it or worked good thru it in a victorious way, but one of the ways that speaks loudly is by showing people how it is done. Leading by our example.  For instance, as a man, if you want your son to be a godly leader of his household, it takes seeking God in being a leader example in your own household. If you want your son to realize the love and grace of Jesus, you let him see that you also make mistakes and how you seek the Lord in those times and rest in His love and grace and help for you personally, acknowledging that everybody needs Christ’s love, grace, guidance and empowerment for victory in life!!!

I am True Vine

Call Upon Me in the Day of Trouble


Where You Are I Am Free

Mistakes are inevitable and when we teach how to evaluate them, learn from them and step forward with the good gleaned from it, they understand perseverance!!! If you want to disciple other men to be men of Jesus who then lead the way for others God puts around them, you can share God’s Word with them, share experiences with them and set them an example as a leader yourself as you do life with them.

If you want your sons to know how to love and respect women, you teach them God’s Word, share experiences of how you see value in your wife, daughters, sisters, mothers and other women in your life and you can set an example before them by loving their mother first. Sooo sweet!!! 🙂 A man can also teach their daughter what to look for in a good man by showing her the differences of godly leadership, actions and words verses what is not of Jesus and as you have opportunity, point out examples of when you see women being treated unjustly. Private personal talks on daddy/daughter dates can bear much fruit in the life of a young girl.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Girl in Pink

To teach your sons and daughters what to look for in a marriage partner is to help your future family have divine success!!! Oh that thought just makes me smile BIG!!! Little seeds can mean a lot!!!

Teach Your Son's Son.jpg

Girl Kissing Dad

All of this is done thru the power of Christ in YOU as Jesus tells us “For it is God who works in us to will and act according to God’s purpose.” Philippians 2:13

Power of Christ

King David realized his dependency on the Lord for life success when He wrote out his prayer:

“Teach me to do Your will,

For You are my God;

Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

Psalm 143:10NASB

People Need the Lord

As a woman in Christ, one of the best things that can be modeled before her children, is letting their father teach his children what it means to be a godly leader and what it means to follow a leader seeking after God herself. She does this by praying for her husband, providing him helpful insights and leaving the final decisions to him as God’s chosen leader. A woman can help to set a good example to her children in how she helps and follows her husband’s leading of the household. Sooo HUGE!!!

Husbands and Wives

It is in her example towards her husband that her sons learn what to expect from their future wives, what boundaries they should have in their relationship and how important it is for her sons to be godly leaders for Jesus in their homes if they choose to marry. Women also teach their daughters to be godly wives if that is their choice as they grow up!!! In it all, it begins with prayer just as King David prayed, asking Jesus to teach us as His kids of faith and letting His good Spirit lead us on level ground to be His divine examples in thought, word and deed.

Eyes Fixed on Jesus

It begins by our faith in Jesus’ finished work on the cross for the sins of all people and receiving His Holy Spirit within us to help us!!! Apart from Him, we can do nothing and oh with Him, we can do all things He calls us to!!! Living the Christian life with joy is in acknowledging first and foremost that Jesus is our good, good Father and we are loved by Him each one oh sooo special as this song says here.  YOU ARE LOVED BY THE KING!!!

Mary and Jesus

Guys and Gals Praying

Knowing you are loved by the King, where in life is Father showing you that you need to see His will for you as good/divine, trust in it and rest in His unfailing love and grace to enable you to set a divine example in life??? I ask the same question of myself!!! Oh I sooo love blessing my Father which trickles down to blessing others as I go along the path of His call for me in life!!! When our Father calls us to His specific call and will, He will see us thru it and it will have a blessed outcome as we trust in Him as He says:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways

acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5NASB

Jesus Invites to cross the bridge

Bless you for seeking Jesus who is our best example of all of leadership, wisdom, love and grace!!! I’m seeking Him with you!!! His love to you wherever He has you!!! It is a good and divine place to be with much eternal opportunity!!! 🙂


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