The Call to Freedom

Delightful day greetings to you dear family!!! Jesus has set us forever free from the law of performance in life to earn His love and acceptance!!! What a big sigh of relief is that for us as kids of faith who are not capable of living perfectly!!! There is only One who is perfect and that is Jesus who loves us as His kids of faith with unfailing, unconditional love!!! Bless Him!!!

Our sweet Father understands our struggles with the flesh and the enemy and therefore, He has given us His Spirit in us to help us live in His power –  it is He who works in us to will and act according to His purpose for us in life. His Spirit with us is not a Spirit of fear and timidity, but one of power, love and self-discipline!!!

Let Out the Roar

It is important that we are aware of this in life because we as people can sometimes find ourselves doing things out of fear of losing people in our lives rather than doing things based on our Father’s Spirit of love moving us to love and serve others. Having been called to freedom in Christ, our freedom should overflow with gratitude, an overflowing heart and love for others. To give bountifully from a divine motive has blessing and reward. Our Father’s Word tells us that when we refresh others, we are refreshed ourselves. It is something we want to do. It is truly more blessed to give than receive!!!

Walk in the Spirit

Heart with Kids

I share this with you, dear ones, because if one finds themselves in a place of giving without cheer, it is a good time to check one’s motivation for why we do what we do. Our lives should be freedom in Christ first, service second. If we serve to break free from fear, it is time for our Father to work on resolving the fears in life and creating healthy boundaries to guard the freedom in Him that we are called to in life!!!

Where You Are I Am Free

Oh when we are moving thru life in our Father’s freedom for us and moving with His Spirit of love working in our hearts, we are going to have a heart passion that wants to love and serve others He puts upon our hearts!!!

Hearts on Fire

Oh, I’m sooo happy to be doing life with you with Jesus here!!! It just makes me smile!!! Is your heart serving somewhere out of fear??? How is Jesus leading you to resolve the fear and set healthy boundaries to guard your freedom in Him??? If divine freedom is needed in your life, I am excited for you to break free and have a cheerful heart at peace in Jesus!!! I love this song about freedom here. Father’s love to you wherever you are today!!! Enjoy His presence with us to help us live life freely!!!


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