Growing Into Our Call

Well, moving from the place of resting into the newness of a work day came around on the ole clock and I am excited about this new day of opportunity to go into the world for Jesus!!! For some people in the work place Jesus puts us in life, depending on where the hands on the clock are is indicative when work time is done and personal time begins. It is good when an employee is strong enough to be able to set Godly boundaries in their lives themselves if a time clock is not part of life!!! Some jobs are not your typical 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday, though, so learning to identify proper balance in one’s life in those circumstances can be challenging, but important. Many entrepreneurs with large callings on their lives find themselves in unique circumstances that take the leading of the Holy Spirit individually as to how to set the pace and priorities of their work.  They train themselves, for example, to work towards turning off the excitement of all that is going on in their life at night and instead begin talking themselves into calmness and a mindset of rest. Otherwise a mind can be too active about thoughts of work to sleep well and the next day has a price to pay for lack of sleep. YIKES!!! I have to watch myself on this, too!!!


Jesus Rest

Man sleeping in tire


I often laugh at how legalistic we can sometimes become when we focus too much on being in control of our schedules rather than trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide us, though. When I was young, I attempted to follow the rules of a day planner in which I had implemented a plan for every 15 minutes of my days. The problem was that it did not have any margin of acceptance of God’s plans for my days, like heeding to His spur of the moment promptings like “instead of rewashing your floor that really doesn’t need it yet, how about calling so and so and see if you can pray with that person as you know this is the day this is happening in their life and they could really use the support right now!!! I have to say I had to learn the ole school of hard knocks way as I experienced choices of saying either ok, I’m going to wash that living room window right now because I saw a spot on it or why, yes, I can run to town for you right now and pick up that car part you realized you are going to need to finish getting the spare vehicle running today now that you are into fixing it and I know we need it running by the end of the day!!! 🙂 Oh I just laugh at myself sometimes at how our Father has had to teach me His ways about priorities and boundaries and flexibility to His plans in life!!!


Adventures With God

It is good to let the Holy Spirit set our boundaries as the decider in decisions that pop up in life rather than following other people because other people can deter us from God’s will for our lives with their desires and expectations. That is why our Father tells us that in “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.” (Colossians 3:23) That is not to say that our Father doesn’t want us to take into consideration what others have to say because He tells us that with many advisors victory is sure and He puts leaders into our lives on purpose, but He needs to be our final authority and He will never lead us contrary to His written Word!!! Know who your leaders are in life and hear the voice of Jesus as priority, dear ones!!! A Pastor once told me “when you have all the facts, the answer will jump out at you.” That answer needs to be our Father’s heart for us as an individual.

Hearts on Fire

Jesus You are the Keeper of My Heart

Listening to our Father first is important for us as His kids of faith to remember because sometimes people have not been able to determine and grow into their calling of their own gifts, talents, wants and desires because they are unable to set boundaries on others’ definitions and expectations of them. YIKES!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT!!! For example, a person could enter into a work situation because of the pressures that a family member has placed on them and spend years unhappy in their work because it is not the call/passion that God has  put on their heart to carry out. Because as a person, they are not able to tell a family member “no,” their life is not Spirit led!!! YIKES AGAIN!!! This can happen also with friends and culture as well. Oh be strong enough in life to not let others define you in life, dear ones!!! Go with what our Father’s Spirit is telling you because in it will be the divine life that will have our Father’s joy and blessing in it!!! Work with God to find out who you really are and what kind of work you are made for. Father tells us “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of  this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve God’s will, His good pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

Transformed in Mind

Jesus always brings freedom into life and not bondage!!! Oh I am sooo thankful to be where my Father has me in life – His Spirit continues to confirm it to me and oh that just makes me smile!!! 🙂 What is He speaking to your heart about your life today??? Our Father gives us the strength and courage to stand for Him in life – we can because we know He is right and His way will bring the blessing into life for us!!! He makes me brave as this song says here. Let’s be brave together for Jesus’ heart for us always because it makes for the best life!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! Going for Jesus with you as He leads us!!!

God's Hand


Hired Forever

Once again, our Father has raised up a new day of life for us, dear family!!! He is sooo faithful to do for us what we could never do on our own!!! Can you imagine, for just one example, of having the job of turning the earth continually at just the right speed and suspending it in the universe at just the right distance from the sun so that everything on it is able to live well?!! I think that would pretty much count each one of us out for taking that on from our Father’s perfect record of faithful performance in doing His work!!! YAY!!! That is part of the razzle dazzle of our Father’s amazing abilities!!! He is sooo beyond us in wisdom and ability and the good news is that He IS love and He loves us each one oh sooo special as His kids of faith!!! The Bible is history supported archeologically and our Father tells us much about Him, life and His good plans for us thru it as His love letter to us!!!

Bible With Cross

One of the things He tells us is that He, Jesus is our constant in life!!! His Word says:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Hunger

I love that “and forever!” Jesus is sooo awesome that I never want to lose Him!!! Yep!!! He is hired forever to be my God!!! Many saints of yesterdays had faith stories they shared in the writing of the Bible that have inspired people’s faith for thousands of years!!! We all have faith stories, too and it is important to share them with each other and the future generation to help each other to continue in confidence of faith moving forward until such time that Jesus takes us all to our heavenly home!!! Oh that will be a glorious day for all when we shall have faith by sight of Jesus always with us!!!

Jesus smiling

Jesus tells us in His Word that we as His kids are to “encourage one another daily as long as it is day so that we are not hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” (Hebrews 3:13) Doubt can be included in that deceitfulness of sin. Therefore, we need to keep helping each other to stay focused on what is of our Father in this life – His truth and discernment in our life circumstances!!! He is everything that is true, right, good, hope, all love, all powerful and faithfulness!!! He is the relief in life that we can always trust in!!! How very blessed are we to know Jesus!!! Let us keep sharing Him with others so that as many people as possible have His peace with us!!! It is in keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus’ help for us in life that we will not be shaken as this song says here:

God's Ancient Wisdom

Not shaken in life – now it just keeps me standing sure in faith and smiling!!!  I love that thought for us, dear family!!!

People on Beach Rejoicing

The Power of a Little Faith

Have you ever had a mountainous effort in front of you??? One that when you look at it you say “How am I ever going to conquer that?” Perhaps you have a mountain in front of you right now and you are thinking the same thing!!!

Need God to Move a Mountain

If so, I want to encourage you in facing it!!! Jesus said this about mountains:

“For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

When we have the slightest amount of faith in our Father and His ability to help us, amazing things can happen. It may not happen that we like a genie in a bottle would blink and have a whole mountain disappear off the face of the earth, but has our Father ever helped people literally move mountains of the earth??? Oh, yes!!! All the time as roads are built and tunnels are drilled through them and it all begins with having faith that it can be done!!! Our Father created the earth and everything on it and He can certainly move the mountains of the earth!!! I have seen how they shift in an earthquake!!! Have you ever seen a fault line that indicates a shift of the earth??? If we prayed for a mountain to move and Father agreed with it, it could happen no doubt!!!

God's Hand Moving Dirt

I have heard it said “Do you know how you eat an elephant?” Not that anyone would want to that I know of, but supposing the question is one that is legitimate, the answer is “one bite at a time.” Anything that we face can perhaps seem large as an elephant or mountain sized when we look at it with an overwhelmed perspective, but if we have just even a little faith in our Father’s ability to help us with it and we listen to Him asking Him to help us to begin by taking the first step, He can help us take however small steps is necessary, one at a time to conquer what seems a huge task!!! Oh how wonderful it is when you reach the victory!!! WOOOHOOO!!! WE ARE LEFT SAYING ” WE DID IT FATHER!!! AWESOME YOU ARE TO HELP US DO THE CHALLENGING VICTORIOUSLY!!!”

Boulder of Worry

Here is one example of how this pertains to everyday life: Ever had mountains of laundry to do??? One could look at it that this is tooo big of a job and therefore, I must put it off until I have a huge block of time to work on it or our attitude towards it can create despair, worry, anxiety, fear or depression about it. However, as we have a little faith and pray for Father’s guidance in our days, we may find we can get them sorted one night, throw a load of clothes in early in the morning and put them into the dryer later in the afternoon and put them away that night. After that day, the mountain is already getting smaller and the next day a little more can be done and etc. and before you know it, it is conquered!!! Done – in the closet and drawers!!! YYYEEESSS!!! HIGH FIVE!!! 🙂 DOING THE VICTORY DANCE!!! What our Father says in His Word is true in all things!!! With God, all things are possible and we can move the mountains of life challenges with just a little faith!!!

Prayer Can Move Mountains

Perhaps a challenging situation is conquered one prayer at a time while persevering over the coarse of our Father’s perfect timing to having it handled divinely or this Biblical principle learned and implemented and then the next one and so on until all that has been learned on a subject is sufficient to have changed a scenario!!! GOD ROCKS!!! We need never be overwhelmed at life being beyond Father’s ability to enable us, or need we be without faith that our Father can bring us victory into any given situation in life!!! His promise to us is this:

“We are more than conquerors in all things thru Christ who loves us.”

Romans 8:37

Jesus with hole in hand

Jesus knew conquering big things – He went to the cross one step at a time thru prayer and trusting in His Father to get Him there!!!

Cross Eternal Life


God Who Saves

Got a mountain in front of you??? I want to encourage your heart, dear one, to keep a little or as much faith as you want to have in our Father and ask Him to start a fire in you of enthusiasm and movement by His Spirit in how to get started with it and He will help you see it thru to divine victory!!! I love this song here!!!


He promises never to leave us nor forsake us!!! What is the first step Father is speaking to your heart towards victory where you need to see it??? Oh, you are going to get there just fine with Father’s help!!! He is faithful to us as His kids of faith!!! Been there and conquered mountains before with His help before and I was amazed at how Father was sooo faithful to help me!!! It can be done with just having a little faith in Him!!! Sooo proud of you for keeping on towards the victory life with Jesus!!! It always feels sooo good to conquer the mountains in life with our Father – it’s the divine adventure and as we journey with Him, we develop larger genuine faith!!! Now how awesome is that to see our faith grow!!! I love that thought because with it, it brings divine possibilities!!!

God Sees a Mountain of Faith.jpg

YOU Will Be Divine

One thing is sure about our sweet Father, dear family, is that Father is determined to carry out His purpose in this life and He is sooo set on that mindset that before we were even born, He created us with His purpose in mind for us and He packaged us up and sent us into this world just right for doing what it is that He thought would be the best thing for us to do in this world!!!

Man FIre to Earth

Oh, if He has called us to it in life, He is dang straight gonna provide for it to happen as I share an example in this video here. WOOOHOOO!!! How exciting it will be!!!

God Will Supply

Guy Holy Spirit.jpg

Girl HS

I love this song here that talks about how our Father rains down His empowering grace and provision to us as kids of faith as we look to Him and cast our cares on Him!!! YYYEEESSS!!! BRING IT FATHER!!! YOU ARE BELIEVED IN FOR THE DIVINE TO HAPPEN AS PURPOSED!!!

God With Us

Holy Spirit To EARTH.jpg

Oh, I’m keeping faith with you!!! One thing is sure, our Father wants to be glorified in this world thru us and He will see to it that it is accomplished, for He who began a good work in us will continue it until the day of completion.” Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! LET’S GO CONQUER WITH HE WHO IS FOR US AND WITH US ON PURPOSE!!! I love that thought of being of divine purpose that makes a difference in this world!!! It just makes me smile!!! His love will guide us!!! 🙂

Jesus Holding Light

Jesus with hole in hand

Seeking God's

To You WIth Love

Adding the Value of Jesus to Life

Today is a valuable day – it is a precious gift to us each one by the grace of Jesus!!! Apart from Him, we could not even breathe on our own or be sustained on this planet called earth!!! He is the source of our everything and our enablement and yet many rise up and go into life without giving any thought to how all of life is sustained and what great love is theirs to be had thru a personal relationship with He who created them and has given them all things!!! More live here about how important it is to add the value of Jesus into the world as YOU can as He says here:

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere.”

2 Corinthians 2:14


Let Out the Roar

and be the beginning of divine difference making in a string of saints making a divine difference where you are!!!

Horses on the Trail


Girl Praying

Where are you called to add the value of Jesus into the world??? Who knows – if you inspire just one to keep going for Jesus perhaps that person can have the encouragement and help up to reach many beyond you with the love and light of Jesus – it’s the domino and ripple affect that knocks down the enemy of the world and enables people to stand strong in God’s power to divinely conquer life victoriously and eternally safe!!!

Guys Helping Each Other


One small change.jpg


People Loving Each Other

WOOOHOOO!!! I love that thought!!! It just makes me smile and want to keep going with Jesus in His call upon my life!!! Have a listen to this song here that helps us see as Jesus sees the great need in the world to know His value in life!!! 


Left Standing Fruitful

Oh what a joy it is to be able to join with our Father in carrying out His will, His plan and His purpose in this life as He enables each one of us by His Holy Spirit to bear the fruit of His intentions for our lives as He designed us and envisions life for us!!!

Making a Difference

In this life, we have great opportunity to have our Father’s help personally and yet He also chooses to work thru His people to love and help one another!!! He desires that we enable each other to be our best in life – the most fruitful. To be to others in a way that enables them to be better in life rather than worse or destroyed. Having Father’s discernment about this is good because to help others be their worst or less than their best – now why would we want to do that if we truly love them??? YIKES!!! Our Father’s Word says this about having discernment in how we are enabling others as He talks about a man with a fig tree planted in his vineyard who does not find fruit on it as he looks for it every year for three years. Hence, he tells the vine-yard-keeper to cut it down. However, the keeper replies:

“Let it alone, sir, for this year, too, until I dig around it and put in fertilizer; and if it bears fruit next year, fine; but if not, cut it down.”

Luke 13:8-9

How we interact with others can make a difference between their lives being fruitful and unfruitful thru how we let our Father’s Spirit work thru us!!! I’m a gal that wants to stand divinely fruitful in my reaching out for my Father and my heart roots abandoned to all but letting His Spirit work as He sees for the best!!! More live here.

Rooted in Christ

I love this song here about standing for Jesus’ will for me!!!

Where are you seeing fruitlessness around you as you seek our Father’s heart about life??? What would He have you do or change to bring forth fruitfulness??? You may be just the one who is needed in their life – perhaps the only Bible they will ever see!!! It is our Father whose Spirit is always at work in our lives, adding just the right things to enable us to be fruitful in life. He says that if we remain in Him and He in us, that we will bear much fruit. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

Connected to the Vine

With Him, wooohooo!!! I am sooo thankful that Jesus does not leave us to do life on our own!!! He gives us His Spirit at work in us and gives us each other to help each other be our best!!! Oh that just all makes us our divine best!!! I love that thought of us all divinely fruity and I also love it that our Father is like the vine-yard-keeper in this story that thru our faith in Him and His work on the cross on our behalf, He sees us as holy, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation. He is not about to cut us down, but rather by His grace He has left us standing in this world for Him, enabling us to be fruitfully victorious thru our faith in looking to Him for help in life!!! YAY!!!! THANK YOU FATHER FOR BELIEVING IN US!!! Oh His love for me just makes me energized to pop forth what He brings out in my life where He has me in life!!! 🙂 Sooo proud of you for being divinely fruity hearted where you stand for Him, too!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Over the Limit

Well, the grace of Jesus is once again over the limit of what we could ever ask, imagine or do for ourselves today!!! Just breathing is beyond me!!! Such a gift of love we have been given to be able to have Jesus with us, doing life together for His kingdom of love and goodness and truth and power as we are!!! Our Father desires that we find our sufficiency in Him and His love and grace for us each one individually and one of the biggest ways that can happen in life is when we reach a point in life when He is all we have to turn to. It is when life hands us no’s to what we want and desire from the world and others!!! Oh it can be a hard place to be in for sure, but it can also be the best place for us to be in for sure because it is there that we find the true source of all we need – Jesus who is our everything!!!

Jesus Loving Dog

Another good thing that we learn when we realize Jesus is our everything in life is that we find sufficiency in His love for us as an individual and it is from that incredible filling up of His love and acceptance for us that we are able to better love others because our hearts have shaken off the world and other people as being something that we need over Him. While these things are gifts in our lives from our Father to be enjoyed, to learn that the only thing that really matters in life is the love of our Father and that the world does not revolve around us personally is freeing for us. It frees us from anything having a grip on us over our Father. We move beyond the limit of finding our satisfaction from the gifts and instead, we find our satisfaction in the giver of all – Jesus!!!

Father's Hand Has Us

When we realize that the world does not revolve around us individually, these things happen:

  • Having to accept limits teaches us personal responsibility for ourself – we learn to carry our own backpack.
  • We become internally focused on He who is in us rather than the external of what is around us as our focal point in life.
  • The more we are unable to accept no from others, the more dependent we are on them rather than on our Father. We expect others to take care of us rather than us taking care of ourselves with the help of our Father.

Teach Your Son's Son

It is good to learn no in life early because the longer we go in life without being able to be over the limit of no, the harder life can become for us and it affects our future relationships and success in life. Consider this possible progression of learning no:

  • parents say no
  • siblings say no
  • schoolteachers say no
  • schoolfriends say no
  • bosses and supervisors say no
  • spouses say no
  • our bodies say no from unhealthy choices that affect our health
  • the no of police, courts and prisons

Our Father’s Word tells us this:

“Stop listening to instruction, my son, and you will stray from words of knowledge.”

Proverbs 19:27

Bible With Cross

Learning to accept the “no” limit of others in life helps us love and respect other people better. It helps us to love others as we would want to be loved ourselves. It helps us love others as ourselves. If we like to have our no boundaries honored and respected, then we need to get over the limit of no from others when they are moved divinely to say no to us. Even if their no is not divine, a person has free will to choose and not even Jesus forces us to do His will. We are all free to experience life’s natural consequences for our choices, however!!! YIKES!!! WATCH OUT!!! EYES FIXED ON FATHER IS A GOOD THING!!!

Jesus Healing Blind

Transformed in Mind

Power of Vision

Why are eyes fixed on Father a good thing??? He just helps us make choices that protect us as we travel the road of life from natural consequences of poor choices!!! Bless Him!!! Oh how we need our Father!!! He is our everything!!! I love this song here that speaks of how I need Him in my life!!! Given Him as my everything – having you in my life as my dear family is cream on the top – a divine gift from our all loving Father who knows how to give good gifts to His children of faith!!! He is sooo sweet to us in life!!! Enjoy His presence with you for He is all to us and there is no limit to His love for us!!! It is unfailing and unconditional and perfect!!! He is a good, good Father to us and one of the ways He loves us is by teaching us the limitation of “no.” YAY!!! Sooo thankful that He does!!! GOOO FATHER!!! KEEP TEACHING US THE BEST LIFE!!! YOU FOREVER ROCK!!!