Reaching For the Good

Well, our Father has pushed forward a new day of life for us today and with it great opportunity to live life fully!!! HOOORAH!!! WAY TO GO FATHER!!! Oh it is a gift of today and one that we have the ability to determine the outcome of within our abilities!!! In all of life we are dependent on our Father and so in committing to Him our plans, He is going to help us to have the divine outcome as we seek Him. Given that though, we have the choice to actively pursue certain outcomes for our lives or we have the choice to be passive and settle for less than what could be.

Our Father desires that we take steps with Him to make life happen divinely for us. He does so because He knows that the process of us participating in achieving a divine outcome is healthy for us. A good example of this is a baby bird inside of an egg. In order to make its entrance into life beyond the egg, it must peck its own way out of the shell.


In so doing, the bird is strengthened by the process and gains the determination to function in the new world it is entering into. It is God’s way for the bird. It is the light of God’s process of responsibility for it.

Light inside Egg

 It is said that if someone breaks the shell for the bird, it will be robbed of its necessary growth in taking hold of its responsibility and it will not survive.

Chicks Hatched

Shrinking back from our own responsibilities and our setting of necessary boundaries in our lives is harmful to us as our Father’s kids as well. Our Father doesn’t step in and automatically do for us what it is for us to do in life because He knows it is healthy for us and important for us to go thru the growing process of us being active and aggressive in reaching for good divine life outcomes. Our Father is with us to guide us and help us always though as we do our part as He says in His Word:

“Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

Empowered by Grace

Door Open To Pathway

Passivity never has good outcome compared to being assertive, active, seeking and knocking. Father matches our efforts, but He doesn’t cross over our boundaries to do our work for us in life. Oh He is a good, good father to us and we are loved by Him, therefore, He is aggressive in letting us take responsibility in our lives where we need to. Given these thoughts about personal responsibility, is there something in life that Father is placing on your heart as a desire to see happen in your life??? What steps is our Father showing to you and to me to make it happen??? Oh how exciting it will be to realize the fruit of our efforts to achieve what it is we dream of with our Father’s guidance!!!

People Twisting with Light

Let us not let life pass us by in putting off until tomorrow what we can do with our today of opportunity!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Oh I’m excited about the possibilities that await us as we as our Father’s kids ask, seek and knock on the doors of divine opportunity!!! We don’t have to in order to have salvation as Christ has already reached forward to see that we have that thru our faith in His finished work on the cross, but we get to live life fully by our own choices and efforts in reaching out to conquer life divinely!!! How awesome is that for us to have such opportunities, sweet family!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! OH LET’S GO FOR IT FATHER!!! “I’m all motivated to conquer great things in life with you as you give me the insight!!! 🙂 Help us maximize our time in good ways and hold us back where we need it with the grace of your guidance, Lord!!! I’m a wanna do it all kind of heart!!! Oh sooo on fire for your heart, Jesus, as this song says here!!!”

Priorities Determine Motivation



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