Blooming Divine Perseverance

This day is blooming forth with our Father’s ongoing eternal divine plans for us each as His kids, sweet family of faith in Jesus!!! Like our Father who perseveres in the divine, so it is good for us to also bloom forth perseverance where we are divinely placed in life!!!

Pansy in Concrete

Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! With Father, there is always a divine way to victory!!! 🙂

A lesson I have learned the last few years is that it is by far better to receive and look to our Father’s grace who has something to give to us than trying to receive from something else or even someone, not being able to forgive someone who has nothing to give to us, expecting them to give to us what only God can give to us!!! Change what can be changed, but trusting in Jesus to meet our needs is powerful and oh He has many ways to do so in His infinite resources!!! He is able to do immeasurably more that we can ask or imagine!!! He always makes me smile at how creative He is!!! WOOOHOOO!!! GOOO FATHER!!! YOU ROCK!!! Releasing what is powerless, extending forgiveness to others and resting in our faith in Father’s sufficient grace for us makes a difference in our encouragement for perseverance in the divine life!!! More live here.

The Lord is All

I love this song here of Father’s grace and how it always finds us where we are in life!!!

Power of Christ



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