Happy Valentine's Day Much LOVE to you today, precious and beloved family of saints!!!!!!! Today is a day of celebration of love that began as a rememberance of Saint Valentine, a saint that was martyred for his love for Christ! God bless him for standing up for Jesus!!! He was one who understood how very much Jesus loved each one of us as if there were only one of us!!!!!!!

A Valentine From God

Each one of us is oh, sooo special to He who created us individually all unique and with a vision of greatness in every step of our creation! There is nobody like you and nobody like me in all of the world that has the same divine heavenly traits of our Father’s love and vision for us!!!!!!!

Celebrate the Gift of Life

When we read the Bible, God’s love letter to each one of us, ya can’t help but know that Jesus gave His all to love us…

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