Learning to Ride

Life has arisen up once again for us today, dear family!!! That is awesome for us because it means new opportunities for us to ride thru life with Jesus and when we are trekking with Him in life, oh life is always a divine adventure of learning, growing and achieving what is divine!!! It begins in us as babies and if you have ever watched how much a child grows over 18 years of life, you sure see how the years make a difference in their abilities in what they can do at 18 years of age compared to when they are first born!!!

Boy Walking

Children would not learn near as fast without the help of the adults in their lives, though. They need to have someone in life who is experienced that can show them what they need to know to rid thru life well!!! Our Father in heaven does the same thing for us as His children born into faith in Him and His finished (full experienced) work on the cross as the God of the Universe!!! He took the responsibility of demolishing the enemy Satan’s work in our lives so that we could have victory from reaping the pain (punishment) of the wages of sin that is death and forever separation from our Father. In Christ Jesus there is no condemnation for us ever. He loves us with unfailing,  unconditional love, however, given that, He still works in our lives thru His Spirit’s presence in us to help us to will and act according to His purpose. That process includes discipline – letting us reap what we sow in order to experience the things in life that will keep us going along the road of life and not crashing in ways that would hurt us and keep us from getting to divine places in our journey where He wants to take us!!! Discipline means teaching.

It is kind of like learning to ride a motorcycle. The rider learns the right balance (perspective) in life to keep from leaning in one direction or another too far to avoid crashing and resulting in reaping destruction!!! YIKES!!! It takes practice and the longer in life we travel with our Father, the more we learn from our evaluated experiences and can ride forth the wiser and more experienced. Ruh, ruh, ruh!!!

Discipline has two aspects – positive and negative. The difference is:

Positive Discipline – Proactive, prevention and instruction. Examples would be teaching a motorcyclist what they need to understand to ride victoriously. It would be like a father sitting a son down and training and educating him. It is the same in training up a child in the teaching of Jesus. (Ephesians 6:4)

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

Negative Discipline – Correction, chastisement and consequences. It is in letting a child experience the results of their actions to learn a lesson in responsibility. It is like crashing on a motorcycle!!! YIKES AGAIN!!! Proverbs 15:10

“Stern discipline awaits him who leaves the path.”


Crashed 2.jpg


Good child rearing includes both preventative training and practice and correctional consequences just as learning to be a good motorcyclist requires both the instruction and the experience. Our Father uses practice – trial and error to grow us up in life, even beyond 18 years old!!! 🙂 We are always growing in life as long as we are here until Christ returns – then we will be all grown up and like Him!!! 🙂 Oh now that thought just makes me smile!!! Jesus is everything that is good and right and true and I get excited to think about being all He is!!! Practice in all aspects of our lives is necessary in our learning in life!!! Our mistakes are our teachers!!! Ever heard of the school of hard knocks??? It’s a valid school for sure!!! This cat can attest personally!!! 🙂 Still riding and learning!!!

Cat on Motorcyle

Discipline is an outside or external boundary to bring about the inside boundaries in us. It provides safety to us until we have enough structure in our character to not need it. Good discipline in our lives leads us to good internal structure of the heart, more responsibility and ability to ride thru life victoriously!!! YAY!!! GOOO FATHER!!! TEACH US TO RIDE VICTORIOUSLY IN LIFE!!! IT’S THE FUN RIDE THRU LIFE!!!

Tanner Pierce

The sweet thing is that thru our faith, He only sees us as holy, without blemish, without accusation and with no condemnation. Our Father does not ever punish us which is requiring us to make payment or pay a penalty for wrongdoing. It doesn’t leave room for practice. It’s not a good teacher because the price is too high of a cost. Punishment doesn’t leave room for any mistakes. For example: “The penalty of sin is death.” Christ rescued us from that on the cross. He does not condemn us from His love as a result of our faith in Him. We are always His kids of faith who are learning about life!!! In all our learning, He only loves us always and let’s us experience consequences to teach us and motor forward the wiser!!! Oh that thought just makes me smile again!!!

I love this song here about how our good, good Father loves us always as His kids!!! Enjoy His love with you wherever you are riding or journeying today!!!

Trusting Jesus



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