The Silence Before the Blessing

Hi, sweet saints!!! Today our Father speaks to me of patience in waiting for our Father’s victories in life!!! Sometimes we can wonder what God is up to as we are waiting to see how He will work thru circumstances in our lives, but we can know that in our waiting, our Father is faithful and He has a divine plan in the works for us!!! He gives me the imagery of  a hungry child in the middle of the night that cries out for help. While the child is waiting for the help to arrive, it must wait in its circumstance until the food is ready to bring the relief and comfort it longs for. Like a parent who cannot forsake their child in their needs, so our Father in heaven is the same with us as His kids of faith in Him.

Jesus Holding Girl

I think back to the story of the Israelites when they were in Egypt and they had cried out to the Lord for help – deliverance from the Pharaoh. While they were in the waiting mode, what they may not have seen at times is that our Father was in deed working on their behalf and boy, howdy, did our Father ever bring the victory for them!!!


SAZHAM!!! Oh there is a price for the enemy to pay for fighting against our Father and His kids!!! Just you wait and see the blessing that is at work in what seems like His silence as the Israelites found out in their waiting!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! In those times when we cannot see what our Father is doing, let us keep praying!!! That is our part to play unless our Father tells us to do something else!!!

Woman with Cross

Pastor With Bible

The Israelites prayed and persevered where they were until Father’s delivery was nigh and when it happened, oh, they had incredible glorious riches of Father’s provision galore on the way to a land flowing with milk and honey!!! TAKE IT IN SAINTS – FATHER KNOWS HOW TO GIVE GOOD GIFTS TO HIS KIDS!!!


Now how sweet is our Jesus always to us kids in the midst of the battles against the enemy!!! We are in a spiritual war for the present time as our Father is working His forever eternal plans and until then, we’ve got to keep praying, persevering in our waiting and keep telling others about our Father’s forever victory and love in the works!!! HOOORAH!!! GOOO FATHER!!! YOU KNOW HOW TO ROCK IT!!! Jesus understands because there was a point in His life on the cross where He was in the waiting to see what His Father was doing and boy, howdy – Father brought the victory over the enemy and done raised Jesus up to forever life victory!!! The devil is not powerful enough to keep a divine man down!!! YYYEEESSS!!! 🙂

Christ Lion of Judah

Jesus is Our Champion

Face of Jesus Shining Through

I love this song here that talks about how when the flowers fade, one thing does not – our Father’s Word and His promises that will never fade away!!! RUH, RUH, RUH!!! POWER ON SAINTS!!! VICTORY IS GOING TO HAPPEN ALWAYS AND FOREVER AS WE LOOK TO JESUS!!! LIFE IS FOREVER AND BEYOND THIS EARTH – ETERNAL BLISS IN A LAND FLOWING WITH EVERLASTING PEACE AND JOY AND PERFECT LOVE – NO MORE WAR!!! Oh that all just makes me smile!!! 🙂

Lion With the Lamb



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