The Power of a Little Faith

Have you ever had a mountainous effort in front of you??? One that when you look at it you say “How am I ever going to conquer that?” Perhaps you have a mountain in front of you right now and you are thinking the same thing!!!

Need God to Move a Mountain

If so, I want to encourage you in facing it!!! Jesus said this about mountains:

“For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

When we have the slightest amount of faith in our Father and His ability to help us, amazing things can happen. It may not happen that we like a genie in a bottle would blink and have a whole mountain disappear off the face of the earth, but has our Father ever helped people literally move mountains of the earth??? Oh, yes!!! All the time as roads are built and tunnels are drilled through them and it all begins with having faith that it can be done!!! Our Father created the earth and everything on it and He can certainly move the mountains of the earth!!! I have seen how they shift in an earthquake!!! Have you ever seen a fault line that indicates a shift of the earth??? If we prayed for a mountain to move and Father agreed with it, it could happen no doubt!!!

God's Hand Moving Dirt

I have heard it said “Do you know how you eat an elephant?” Not that anyone would want to that I know of, but supposing the question is one that is legitimate, the answer is “one bite at a time.” Anything that we face can perhaps seem large as an elephant or mountain sized when we look at it with an overwhelmed perspective, but if we have just even a little faith in our Father’s ability to help us with it and we listen to Him asking Him to help us to begin by taking the first step, He can help us take however small steps is necessary, one at a time to conquer what seems a huge task!!! Oh how wonderful it is when you reach the victory!!! WOOOHOOO!!! WE ARE LEFT SAYING ” WE DID IT FATHER!!! AWESOME YOU ARE TO HELP US DO THE CHALLENGING VICTORIOUSLY!!!”

Boulder of Worry

Here is one example of how this pertains to everyday life: Ever had mountains of laundry to do??? One could look at it that this is tooo big of a job and therefore, I must put it off until I have a huge block of time to work on it or our attitude towards it can create despair, worry, anxiety, fear or depression about it. However, as we have a little faith and pray for Father’s guidance in our days, we may find we can get them sorted one night, throw a load of clothes in early in the morning and put them into the dryer later in the afternoon and put them away that night. After that day, the mountain is already getting smaller and the next day a little more can be done and etc. and before you know it, it is conquered!!! Done – in the closet and drawers!!! YYYEEESSS!!! HIGH FIVE!!! šŸ™‚ DOING THE VICTORY DANCE!!! What our Father says in His Word is true in all things!!! With God, all things are possible and we can move the mountains of life challenges with just a little faith!!!

Prayer Can Move Mountains

Perhaps a challenging situation is conquered one prayer at a time while persevering over the coarse of our Father’s perfect timing to having it handled divinely or this Biblical principle learned and implemented and then the next one and so on until all that has been learned on a subject is sufficient to have changed a scenario!!! GOD ROCKS!!! We need never be overwhelmed at life being beyond Father’s ability to enable us, or need we be without faith that our Father can bring us victory into any given situation in life!!! His promise to us is this:

“We are more than conquerors in all things thru Christ who loves us.”

Romans 8:37

Jesus with hole in hand

Jesus knew conquering big things – He went to the cross one step at a time thru prayer and trusting in His Father to get Him there!!!

Cross Eternal Life


God Who Saves

Got a mountain in front of you??? I want to encourage your heart, dear one, to keep a little or as much faith as you want to have in our Father and ask Him to start a fire in you of enthusiasm and movement by His Spirit in how to get started with it and He will help you see it thru to divine victory!!! I love this song here!!!


He promises never to leave us nor forsake us!!! What is the first step Father is speaking to your heart towards victory where you need to see it??? Oh, you are going to get there just fine with Father’s help!!! He is faithful to us as His kids of faith!!! Been there and conquered mountains before with His help before and I was amazed at how Father was sooo faithful to help me!!! It can be done with just having a little faith in Him!!! Sooo proud of you for keeping on towards the victory life with Jesus!!! It always feels sooo good to conquer the mountains in life with our Father – it’s the divine adventure and as we journey with Him, we develop larger genuine faith!!! Now how awesome is that to see our faith grow!!! I love that thought because with it, it brings divine possibilities!!!

God Sees a Mountain of Faith.jpg


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