Standing as Light

New day greetings to you, dear saints!!! I marvel at our Father today because of His bravery, courage and heart of love that moved Him as He, God became the man Jesus to stand as light in all of life circumstances to see that the right thing happened in the lives of those our Father put around Him during His time here on earth!!! This even included Satan!!! He was light to Satan!!! HOOORAH!!! LET’S GO KINGDOM KIDS OF FAITH!!! YES WE CAN STAND FOR LIGHT IN THIS WORLD EVERYWHERE FATHER PUTS US!!! πŸ™‚

Cross Fire

When Jesus was taken by the Spirit into the desert after His obedience to the Father in baptism, setting for those around Him an example of the outward expression of His inward heart recognition of His faith in the Father, He found Himself in the presence of Satan there!!! How did He handle it??? He, being God in the flesh could’ve chosen to just leave the situation and not deal with it, but that is not the case!!! He chose to be there and take on all the ugliness of what Satan wanted to hurl at him and whenever he came at Jesus with what was contrary to our Father, Jesus stood for light, stuck to His Godly boundaries and shared the Word of God, truth, with him!!! I can’t help but think that Jesus’ heart even loved Satan and would loved to have had him repent and turn from His rebellion, choosing instead to worship Him as God!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

Cross with Manger

Satan chose otherwise, thus far, but Jesus stood His ground for what the Father desired for Him personally to accomplish in life and now He is seated in heavenly places next to His Father!!! I love that!!! We can’t force people to change, but we can be responsible for ourselves to do what is right!!! LET US RUH, RUH, RUH FOR FATHER!!! WAY TO SET US AN EXAMPLE, JESUS!!! YYYEEESSS WE CAN HAVE VICTORY IN YOU, TOO!!! IF YOU ARE FOR US, WHO CAN STAND AGAINST US??? NOBODY!!! OH THAT JUST MAKES ME SMILE!!! πŸ™‚ POWER ON, SAINTS!!!

You Shall Receive Power

When we are called to set Godly boundaries in life, dear ones, we not only help ourselves, but we help others by standing against their rebellion against our Father!!! We do nothing to help another person if we just go along with their sin!!! Even if they rant and scream and kick – we have to stand our ground for Jesus!!! If needed, take others with you as you set your boundaries in life to help you be free in Him, but stand for Jesus wherever you need to in life because it makes for the divine victory life and it’s just the best life – the life that makes you want to dance, sing and shout out praise to our King of Glory – Jesus who is all wise, all love and all powerful.

Kids Jumping

We can do all things thru Christ who gives us strength!!! If it is His will, He will see us thru it – we can count on it as we look to Him and stand for Him in life!!! Oh I’m standing for Jesus in life with you as this song says here and I am sooo thankful we have Jesus who guides us in truth and helps us to stand strong in Him!!! Where is Father calling you to stand for Him???

Gal Shining

Guy Holy Spirit


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