Eyes Made Bright

It is sooo amazing the joy and spark that Jesus can add to the eye of our heart when He puts the razzle dazzle of the supernatural of His Spirit upon a life. When someone is downcast, our Father has a way of picking that person up and giving them hope, strength, power, wisdom and love in such a way that it just gives them all kinds of new giddy-up go into life with new zeal and enthusiasm!!! The Apostle Paul is one who was like that!!! It was pretty hard to keep the Apostle Paul down because he focused sooo much on Jesus and was in such close connection to Him that he was always fired up for Jesus – even when in prison!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!! The two had divine connection for sure!!!

Seeking God's

Jesus is a sweet taste to the soul and He can take a person that is discouraged and lift them up to a renewed outlook and strength to persevere in life!!! Jesus is the ultimate encourager of the soul and He tells us that He is the bread of life and that whoever eats of Him will never hunger and that whoever is thirsty and drinks of the living water or Holy Spirit that He gives to them upon faith in Him will never thirst again. It is the same experience on a spiritual soul-feeding level as it was with Jonathan, son of King Saul, friend to David when he physically was famished and took in the nourishment that his body needed:

“…he put out the end of the staff that was in his hand and dipped it in the honeycomb and put his hand to his mouth and his eyes brightened.” 

1 Samuel 14:27

When we take in the spiritually sweetness of Jesus’ Word verses what is of the world and people – His light on life and His promises, it makes a difference in our spiritual outlook or vision (eyes brightened) and therefore, we find ourselves encouraged with new zeal for Jesus in moving forward in life!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Eye sees Christ

Our Father tells us in His Word:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8

Sweet Savior Jesus

We’ve gotta keep taking in of our Father’s spiritual food to keep encouraged ourselves to encourage others and vice versa so that we all have victory over the power of the enemy Satan who loves to always accuse us and discourage us so that we are ineffective for the cause of Christ!!! NEVER BE!!! POWER UP ON THE LOVE AND GRACE OF JESUS!!! LET’S KEEP GOING YOU AWESOME SAINTS WHO THRU FAITH IN CHRIST ARE SEEN IN THE EYES OF OUR FATHER AS HOLY, BLAMELESS AND WITHOUT ACCUSATION AND WITH NO CONDEMNATION!!! LET’S GIDDY-UP IN THE POWER OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT AT WORK IN US FOR FLEEING IN THE DIVINE VICTORIOUS LIFE OVER THE ENEMY OF THIS WORLD!!! YYYEEESSS!!!

Free Horse

Giddy Up Horse.jpg

Oh, I’m on Holy Spirit fire for Jesus with you, dear family – wherever you are with Jesus with you ablaze with Holy Spirit fire to make a divine difference in this world for heaven!!! We must move forward for our King who loves us and has forever divine plans for us!!! I love this song here – bring it Holy Spirit and empower us with your zeal and strength and sufficient grace to conquer life powerfully for you!!!


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