The Peacemaker

Today is Palm Sunday and that to us of Christian faith is a remembrance of the day when Jesus faced and embraced the confrontation awaiting Him as He entered into Jerusalem for the Passover meal with His disciples. Although the first experience of Jesus entering into Jerusalem was marked with a very warm welcome and cheering by many who were excited to see Him, that very action stirred within the religious leaders that were watching a building anger and hostility that was the very thing that was needed to bring the victory of His mission of going to the cross for the deliverance of all people!!! I guess you could say that the people cheering Him on was the encouragement and inspiration that was forerunner to conquering the challenges of the mission – the vision of the beauty of what was to be realized thru His efforts – the smiles upon the people’s faces and the twinkle in their eyes and the love, peace and all that a is right in the world – the hopes and dreams of a new victorious life to be realized once and for all and for always!!!

Jesus was not one who wanted war and animosity, but rather peace and reconciliation with people of the earth and their God, the Father – His Father, too who loved them like He did and had a divine forever victory plan for their lives!!! Jesus entered Jerusalem with a heart of a peacemaker and it was evidenced by him riding in on a donkey that was symbolic of meekness and humility. Jesus was one who had a heart that had such things recorded in His Word (the Bible) as there being a day when:

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

Revelation 21:4


Jesus was willing to embrace the journey of challenge to bless His people and oh I am sooo thankful that He did because we now hold the victory of the vision that He held within His heart of seeing us delivered from the hatefulness of the enemy of darkness and all that is contrary to perfect love forever of which Jesus IS!!!

I love the photos of this man here who normally worked with untrained horses to train them for their purpose in life, but in a war zone jungle with a team of people seeking to bring the peace and comfort of our Father’s love to a people oppressed by their enemy in life that had them running for their lives was provided a donkey to work with to illustrate the heart of our Father’s love, peace, divine purpose and victory in life that He holds for each person on this earth and how He desires to free them from their endless running in fear from the enemy!!! It seems fitting for today being Palm Sunday and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey!!! The message Jesus was trying to convey as He entered Jerusalem – peace and forever unity as a royal family of God, all together!!!


Jesus came to earth to close the gap between people and their Father who loves them!!!


The heart of Jesus was for His people to draw close to Him as their Savior!!!


Unity in the purpose of our good, good Father is a victorious sight!!!


Respect and love for our Father and His respect and love for us each one is a beautiful sight to see the reality of!!!

It is hard to see in this photo, but the back of this man’s shirt says:

“Unite and work for freedom, justice and peace. Forgive and don’t hate each other. Pray with faith, act with courage, never surrender.”

Never surrender to the enemy of this world who would love to stop the work of Jesus in this life thru each one of us!!! Be willing to stand for Him and His cause in this world and as we look to our Father to help us as did Jesus, we too shall have the victory of bringing the kingdom of heaven’s heart into this earth for people and into the hearts of those placed around us in life!!! “Unite with Jesus, work for freedom, justice and peace. Forgive and don’t hate each other. Pray with faith, act with courage, never surrender.” I am sooo proud of you for standing for Jesus and those He loves, dear one!!! Rock on in that as you are and where you are placed in life and Father will enable you by working thru you to continue to be a blessing to many that sooo need to know His victory, love and rescue in this life!!!


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