A Little Divine Talent For Blessing

Have you ever been in a rare situation where perhaps you need to repair a situation that someone else has left behind??? I have been reflecting upon that very thing today with regards to the story of when Jesus was sooo surrounded by people that in order to get a sick man to Him, his friends lowered him down through the roof and set him right in front of Jesus!!! Well, that’s one way to get ‘er done!!! 🙂 I have to say it was some very creative thinking on their part!!! Ruh, ruh, ruh!!!  I love how when faced with a challenge, they put their minds to pondering to not be defeated, but be victorious!!! HOOORAH!!!

Hole in Roof

Man lowered Before Jesus

It was a very spectacular thing to do in those circumstances because Jesus healed the man right in front of a huge crowd and it was perfect opportunity for our Father to be glorified in it!!! How ingenious –  now I just wonder if our Father gave them that idea?!! It sounds just like Him!!! Oh it just has the fragrance of divine to it!!! But have you ever thought about the person that later repaired the roof??? It was a happening that I assume took place long after the crowd and Jesus were gone and perhaps very few ever visited the place again to see that it was actually repaired!!!

In pondering that story, I want to just encourage your hearts today that very often in life our Father calls us to do little things that may seem small, unseen or unimportant compared to other things in our minds and perhaps to other people, but Jesus sees those little things and to Him, they are BIG things for they are the same as doing it for Jesus and it is putting forth His grace given to us to do so!!! He says “God is not unjust and He will not forget your hard work that you have done to show Him love by helping his people and continuing to help them.” (Hebrews 6:10) He is sooo sweet and thoughtful of our love we show to Him and others always!!! I wonder if the person that fixed the hole in the roof thought “I am fixing this roof that belongs to Jesus for Jesus to bless His people today.” If not, they sure could have because it would have been a divine mindset that surely could have brought them blessing as they did their work!!! Jesus chooses to work thru people to do all kinds of things in this world to keep life going along well. He could have chosen to fix the roof Himself, but He didn’t. He chose to let someone else have that privilege of serving along side of Him to bless their heart!!! It does so truly brings us joy to have that perspective in what we do in life!!! Everyday I wake up and say “I get to be a vessel thru whom my Father can work to bring my Father glory today and with His help bless someone Father calls me to!!! YAY!!! It is always a divine surprise what Father reveals to me each gift day of life!!! It’s exciting to journey thru adventures with Him!!!


Oh it always just makes me smile to think about that!!! 🙂

This I know – compared to the big things that God does in the Universe, His talents are huge beyond us, but He delights in giving us each a little of His talent by His grace to join with Him in relationship in carrying out His BIG forever eternal plans that are in the works every single second of our lives here on earth and what we do to contribute is no little thing to Him!!! Always know that YOU, one of faith are appreciated for your kindnesses and what you do to bless those around you is a HUGE blessing even if the only one that sees is Jesus and how awesome is that to bless the King!!! Rock on in blessing Him!!! What a fun BIG secret that is to share in!!! 🙂 It is sooo sweet of you to do those secret acts of kindness!!! Jesus smiles at you and delights in you as you go about secretly blessing!!! Me, too!!! 🙂



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