Kids at Peace

The heart for Jesus for kids has always been to love them and teach them truth for successful life with Him as the priority of their lives. His heart for parents is to teach His kids what they need to know about Him to make it thru life on earth with kingdom victory!!! Jesus desires the best for His kids, but also sees all of us as His kids through eyes of grace!!! YAY!!! Nonetheless, He has a best for us all in life as He tells us what that best is for us in the Bible.

Bible With Cross

He delights when parents teach their children beginning at an early age to know Him so that they are eternally safe and make wise early life choices!!! He desires this for their peace and well being and purpose in their lives!!! Jesus desires this teaching of parents, as the children they are raising belong to Jesus, not the parents!!! Parents are stewards our Father works through to love and teach His children and point them to Him. Parenting should not be about what a parent wants for their child, but rather what does Jesus want for them!!! Parents can sometimes be too harsh and sometimes too soft with kids and the contrast can cause discord between spouses and less than divine for kids.  Reaching for the middle ground of divine between not too harsh and not to soft in alignment with our Father’s will is good!!!

Children can pick up on differing opinions between spouses and play one parent against another. Parents can sometimes use a child to win an argument with their spouse. This is a dangerous and unfair practice!!! Parents should discuss differences between themselves and present a unified parental decision to the child!!! Get Godly counsel if necessary to resolve differences for the sake of doing what is right for God’s kids!!! The father in a household is the head of the household, responsible before God for raising His children and should be respected by a wife!!!  Both parents will find love and respect by a child when they love and respect Jesus and His heart for them!!!

“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.”

Proverbs 3:3-4

It is only in teaching our children about Jesus that they will find true peace and success in life!!! That should be the motive in life and not to win the love of a child to oneself against another!!! To play a child against someone they love is not fair to a child for even Jesus loves both of a child’s parents!!! Our Father tells us this in His Word:

“All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Isaiah 54:13

Child Holding Father's Hand

If you desire the peace and best interest of a child, raise them up as God’s child, not your own. Jesus should be first in their lives and not their parents!!! Jesus should be their best friend in life and not their parents. Teach them to fall in love and respect Jesus as a priority in life and you will be doing a great job of parenting what Jesus has entrusted to you, dear saints!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

How you parent and interact as spouses teaches your children how to be parents and spouses themselves!!! I am proud of you for handling this very important task in life as a priority and with divine perspective!!! It is not by accident that Jesus has made you a parent and YOU are just the one He picked for His children in your care to have!!! He believes in YOU to be what your children need on this earth as parents!!! Nobody can love His children He has given in your care like YOU!!! There is a special bond there!!!

Jesus Loving Dog

Jesus Holding Girl

Instructions for how to raise a child – they are found in the Bible, thru prayer, thru Godly counsel and thru His Spirit leading you!!! Keep seeking Jesus and you will get there just fine for Jesus is helping and He loves His children even more than you do and He desires their best just as He does for all of us as His dearly loved children. He is at work in their lives and ours and is able to do more than we can ask or imagine beyond us!!! Let us never underestimate His power for guiding us all as children of faith!!!  I love this song here about being children of God – such a special royal kingdom family we have with our Father who loves us each one with unfailing, unconditional love and with the kind of love that works to do what is good in our lives all the time!!! That is all our Father does is good, what is true and what is right, just and of love for us!!! Blessed kids are we to have our Father!!!


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