The Blessing

Divine day greetings to you, wherever you are today, dear ones!!! Oh it is a great day of opportunity to bless people in the little things today!!! Father has put it on my heart today how being conscientious of speaking words of life to those around us can make such a huge difference. For example:

There was a time in my own personal life when I really wanted to have a child and I had prayed, gone thru lots of medical assistance and still no baby. I was trying to adopt when I finally conceived my daughter. Prior to her arrival, it was a great time of depression for me. It was always painful for me when I saw other parents with babies. It was at that time our Father brought a woman into my life that had compassion for me and prayed over me with a heart of understanding. She was the first model of the beauty of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Prior to that, all I knew was religion. This is the heart I want to have for the people in my life verses what Jesus saw when He walked the earth.  Here is the contrast: What a difference it would make in someone’s life in this situation if someone flaunted their baby at you to dig you for being without a child verses if they prayed for you and gave you hope and understanding in your struggle in life.

There is a story in the Bible about two women – one who had a baby and one who didn’t. The one who had a baby flaunted it at the woman who did not have out of meanness to her. How much more beautiful it would have been had the woman with the child prayed over and with the woman struggling instead of beating her over the head for what she was not able to have in life because of life circumstances.

These kinds of scenarios can happen purposefully or accidentally in life to any of us, so having a heart of compassion, understanding, love and forgiveness brings beauty out of ashes into the lives of people around us. Now how special to be able to bring blessing to another for Jesus who has blessed us each one with all the glorious riches of His kingdom as children of faith. Apart from Him, none of us would have anything!!! Therefore, I ask myself as I ask you, too “How is Father revealing to you to show compassion to someone around you today???” That is the heart of Jesus as we read in His Word:

“When He saw the crowds, He had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36

This song here talks about the importance of words:

I am thankful we are able to life with Jesus together!!! Jesus makes a beautiful difference!!! Divine sisterly love to you wherever you are today ~

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