WOOOHOOO!!! Let us sing praises to our Lord today with this song here, sweet family!!!

I worship our Jesus with you today who has a way of weaving us all together in one divine purpose here on earth and that is to enjoy God with us and bring heaven to earth as He works in us, thru us and all around us!!! Each one of us has been created special by He who loves us and each one of us has special divine qualities to make a divine difference in this world. We don’t have to do good works for earning salvation and the presence of our Father with us, but we get to journey with Him as He leads us to have our lives count and be worth something special. He created us in advance to do special things in this life!!! Now how awesome is that for us to have divine purpose in life!!! As Father calls us to His purpose and will, He will provide us everything we need to accomplish it!!! His grace is sufficient for us!!! We would not even be able to breathe without His loving grace that desires to do forever life with us who have faith in Him!!! Blessed kids of faith are we all to have such a true love as Jesus with us!!!

Jesus with hole in hand

Eyes of Jesus

I’m smiling and rejoicing in His loving care for all of us today!!! His promise to us is as the Apostle Paul knew full well many years ago:

“But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

I love how Father’s Word says “ALL” as it pertains to each individual’s “needs.” Have you ever considered that you are part of His provision in this world somehow to help meet someone else’s needs in life!!! How is He moving your heart to help others??? There is reason we have what we have been given in this life!!! How can you and I use what we have for divine purposes??? It could be financial or thru something else that Father has given to us as individuals – maybe it is two hands to open a door for someone with a heavy load, or the sharing of your faith or letting someone borrow something temporarily – maybe it is just giving someone something tangible that you have??? 🙂 Jesus will guide us all as kingdom kids uniquely in how we each can be heaven on earth as we look to Him who believes in us!!! Enjoy Jesus and life where He has blessed you today!!! I am doing so with ya’s!!! How awesome we get to have the greatest blessing of “all” – JESUS WITH US!!! HE IS OUR TRUE WEALTH WITH EACH OTHER!!! Oh that thought ust makes me smile!!!

Images of Family



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