The Cause

In my study time today, Father speaks to my heart of living life for a divine cause…what is that for you, precious family??? At the end of your life what would you like for it to be said about the way in which you lived your life??? I encourage you to pray, ponder that and write out a 25 word statement that reflects a preferred vision of your future. Pull from it some core values and define those so they can act as guard rails to move you forward in life on the road of your purpose!!! HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! For example, my heart is this:

“To teach, encourage and/or inspire people in Christ’s love, to help them build personal relationships with Christ and carry out their divine purpose in life.”

As I have reflected upon that topic, while there are many relationships and causes in this world, there is only one cause that in living for it, can enable us with sufficient grace to live victoriously for all we do in life!!! Our Father tells us this in His Word:

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

Psalm 127:1

Our Father gives us special spiritual gifts in life as kids of faith and divine abilities with learned skills because He has planned in advance before the beginning of time, good works to do thru us each as we are thru faith – the holy temple where He dwells!!! Now how uniquely exciting is that to know that we carry within us, the God of the Universe and we are chosen to ride thru life with Him in divine adventures!!! WOW!!! Talk about divine position in life!!! We’ve all got it, family!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! 🙂  He being with us, He has created us each with divine purpose and He plants us in life in places in this world to make a divine difference, too!!! Now how awesome to know that our efforts in life are for a greater cause than ourselves!!! I love that thought for me!!! His grace will work in our hearts to reveal to us the way, the truth and the divine life for each of us individually.

Walk in the Spirit

It is the Lord’s will that is the greatest cause in our lives because He is everything that is good, right, true, love and of divine power!!! That is important to keep in mind for all of God’s people, for if  we do not understand the purpose of something, we can fall into how others want to define our individual purpose. For example, Christian athletes have a heart in sports that is different from what the sports world mindset can be. The bigger picture in living for the cause of Jesus in sport is that in the process of playing the sport and seeking to be good at it, the sport game is great at producing the great in us as individuals!!! While pushing to win can cause us to seek training from a God-given coach for each of us, to work hard, to be always persevering and overcoming adversity, it is also important to learn in life what a sport game teaches us in the value of relationships in life and working together with people in the love of Christ.

If in life a person grows up in a sports culture that is all about winning at all costs and that message is internalized over and over in life, then when they go on to do other things in life, their mindset can continue to be that winning at all costs is the bottom line in all we do. Winning at all costs is a poorly defined purpose for sports as it can dictate that at some point by necessity, you misuse, abuse or frustrate players in the pursuit of winning. OH LET US NOT GO THERE!!! When winning is the top priority, then relationships may eventually bow to that, but when that happens these two things can result:

  • One is: The “win at all costs” strategy is passed on to people to carry into other areas of life. For example: It can lead to thinking such as “profits really are above people” or “the priority of success at a particular thing” is more important than own personal family!!! YIKES!!! WATCH OUT DEAR ONES!!!
  • Two is: Players can feel used, abused or frustrated.

It is good to win in divine ways, and to do the best in what we do to the glory of God should continue in our lives!!! However, our purpose in why we do what we do should always be determined by our cause of Jesus that is greater than our individual lives in life and not for winning for any other reason at all cost. Christ paid the greatest cost of all to rescue us from the enemy so let us believe in His ways of truth and love and power and victory for us for the divine life wherever He places us!!! To be positioned in His love, grace and acceptance thru our faith in His finished work on the cross for each of us is the biggest win we could ever achieve!!! Much love to you wherever you are today in life!!! PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE A VALUABLE PLAYER TO JESUS AND TO ME!!! I so appreciate the message of this song here and I have shared it much in my writing, but the message never gets old because it fits right along with what our Father tells us is the summary of all the Bible – LOVE!!!

God's Love is So Big



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