A Tiger in Your Tank

Fill ‘er up, please!!! Oh that is a phrase I heard spoken to gas station attendants often as a little girl when I was with my parents in their car out of fuel. It is something that in some places you still hear today depending on if the law allows a person to fill their own fuel tank or if a hired hand is requested to do so. That ole E for empty is not something you like to see when you are out on a roadway with a long ways to go to the next city!!! I remember a time when I was traveling with others to an event that put us on the road for home late into the night and as we were riding along, the driver said “I should have filled up with gas before we left. Oh I hope the gas station in the next town has pumps working at 3:00am in the morning!!!” YIKES I SAID TO MYSELF!!! PRAYER TO JESUS WAS MY RESPONSE!!! I was praying and we were driving on fumes I am sure as we pulled into the station. The next question was will they take a credit card and sure enough, they did and we were able to get the empty tank filled up and we made it home to see the sun rise and the birds singing!!! NOW THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT TO SEE FOR SURE FROM HOME AND NOT STRANDED OUT ON THE ROADWAY!!! It was not the first time of being delivered thru prayer to Jesus, either!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! πŸ™‚

As I ponder this memory, Father puts it upon my heart that every person has a fuel tank that can be empty and in need of a “fill up.” In fact, each one has a couple – one being the stomach that can at times seem like a bottomless pit when real empty or hungry physically and the second is the human heart and our Father tells us in His Word it is always in a state of needing divine spiritual fuel due to being empty with these voids:

  • It desires unfailing love
  • It is lonely
  • It is fearful
  • It has guilt

The antidote to all of these ill-feeling conditions is Jesus!!! He is the One who:

  • Loves us thru our faith in Him perfectly
  • Fills our voids or emptiness, our spiritual hunger
  • Gives us peace that transcends all understanding
  • Makes us brave and strong in Him
  • Forgives us for sin, extending us unconditional love and grace thru faith in His perfect performance on the cross to give us victory from Satan our accuser who lies to us continually to empty our heart tank!!!

Let me ask you today as I ask myself, dear saint…how is your heart today??? Whatever our need, let us cast our cares on our Father, for He cares for us!!! He has many ways of providing just what we need as we turn to Him and trust in Him. I am doing divinely well today, but I appreciate the message of this song here that speaks of our need to always turn to Jesus when we need help filling the hole in our hearts and being reminded of who we are in Christ Jesus’ love and powerful energy!!! Β Let us look to Him to fill our hearts and pour out of His Spirit’s love to keep telling others of the source of their being filled with the fruit of Jesus’ Spirit within them thru faith, too. If someone has a sickness of heart, would we not want to help them??? Even beyond that, we can save them from death, giving them eternal life and all the fullness of the glorious riches of Christ’s love in His kingdom!!! All hearts need the good news of Jesus and Jesus can work thru anyone to help another!!! Let us as our Father tells us:

“…As I have loved you, so love one another.”Β (John 13:34)

How can you help add divine fuel to fill a heart needing filled up with Jesus where you are today??? Father has us where we are for divine reasons – “to help fill up” others with the good news that Jesus longs to pour into every heart to get them over the road of life to home safely and happy with the fullness of blessings in Him!!! πŸ™‚ Happy travels to ya wherever you are!!! Let us seek not to leave those stranded with an empty heart tank that we see along our life’s way!!! All need the divine filling of Jesus as abundant heart fuel to keep going!!! When our hearts are full of Jesus, our heart motors are gonna be roaring for the going for Jesus with divine performance and energy!!! Have you ever heard the phrase of having a”tiger in your tank!!!” πŸ™‚ Exxon used it as a corporate logo in years past.

Tiger in Your Tank

Tiger Tail out of Tank

Jesus is even greater than a tiger in yer tank; He just makes ya smile – He puts the smile in tigers, too!!! πŸ™‚ See:

Happy Motoring

Making regular pit stops of quiet time with Jesus for refueling and He’ll keep us fueled up for moving with divine performance and energy along the road to our eternal destiny for sure!!! So let us be filled with Jesus and go rescue those stranded with empty tanks along the way of life!!! We can give them the premium fuel – the supreme fuel of Jesus!!! WOOOHOOO!!! ANOTHER WAY TO SAY THIS IS “GO GET ‘EM TIGER!!!” πŸ™‚ ROARING OUT FOR JESUS WITH YA’S AND HAPPY MOTORING IN DOING SO!!!



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