The Life of Blessing

The blessed life – oh that is what we have with Christ Jesus, precious saints!!! Jesus has blessed us so far beyond anything that we could ever imagine giving back to Him!!! When we stand at heaven’s gate, the question at the gate for entrance will not be how much did you go thru for Christ or how much did you give up for Christ, but rather do you realize what Christ gave up for you?!! The answer to that is “all that God is – God has given us not only life, but all His glorious riches as a result of our faith in what He has done, including His completed mission of victory on the cross so that we can be forever forgiven from the wages of sin brought upon us by the enemy of this world. Thru faith in His work on our behalf, we are and are forever reconciled into a right love relationship with Him as His dear children of His kingdom being ushered into fullness soon. Now how awesome is Jesus to us and He is not done blessing us yet!!! He still is moment by moment and will continue to provide to us as His kids of faith by His love and grace and power beyond us forever. He are a few glimpses of His amazing generosity to us:

God's Hands

Adam and Eve

Cross with Manger

Christ Beaten on a Cross

Holy Bible with Cross

Power of the Holy Spirit

Every Good and Perfect Gift

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall never perish, but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

Thru faith in His Son Jesus who has prepared a place for us in His kingdom, we are now seated securely in His heavenly place that will be the ultimate gift at just the right timing!!! We need not worry about having given up enough for God. He has given up all for us to have all of Him forever!!! When we tell others our faith story, let us tell of all Jesus has done for us!!! Blessed children of God we are as this song says here!!! Let us count our blessings in life as Father’s love gifts to us!!! They are everywhere!!! YOU are a divine love gift from Jesus to me and the whole world!!! I thank my God for YOU among my many blessings in life!!!

Image of Jesus at Heaven's Gate


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