Open to the New

NEW day greetings, NEW creations YOU thru faith in Christ Jesus!!! Oh how exciting to be able to experience the NEWNESS of today with ya’s with Jesus!!! It just has me smiling big today!!! Thinking NEW – it can bring about more than we could ever ask or imagine when we let Jesus create and bring new things into our lives and thru us!!! His grace is sufficient to bring it into our lives if we are willing to move with the Holy Spirit blazing inside of us to blaze a NEW trail into life!!! WOOOHOOO!!! LET’S RIDE THAT NEW RIDE IF FATHER IS CALLING US TO, DEAR ONES!!! Why??? If we stay open to new things and change in life, our Father will take us where He wants to have us go for divine purposes that can bring about divine changes for eternal kingdom purposes – it’s the best life for not only ourselves, but for others our Father wants to touch thru His new ideas and changes!!! Now how exciting is that!!! OH LET’S NOT MISS IT BY STAYING STUCK IN RUTS IF FATHER IS CALLING US OUT OF THEM!!! 🙂 Is Father calling you to step out in faith to try something new??? What is it??? What is the first step He is wanting you to take??? WOOOHOOO!!! LET US NOT DELAY IT BUT GO WITH ENTHUSIASM AS HE GUIDES US!!! OH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT IT MIGHT BE!!!

When new creativity and new ideas are put forth, things such as new music is created, new ways of loving a friend or your valentine can happen, good changes in life can happen, easier ways of doing something that needs to be done can happen, time can be saved, money can be saved and redirected in better ways, barriers can come down, books can be written, lives can be saved, relationships can be saved, forgiveness can happen, new inventions are developed to bless people and the list can go on and on and on!!!

Man Lovingn Woman

Three girl photos of loving

Black and White Handshake

There are lots of new things that can happen and perhaps it is just a new perspective about what our Father is wanting to do new or continue on in one’s life??? So I ask myself as I ask you “What’s new in your life???”

New Day and New

One thing we can rejoice over today no matter where we are is that our Father’s love and mercy is new not only every morning, but every second of everyday!!! He is constantly pouring new grace into our lives to take us from glory to glory!!! Let us rejoice that our Father of love is not only new, but also “the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8) While Jesus often has new ideas and changes some things in our lives, He Himself is forever unchanging in who He is!!!

God is our Stability

He is always good, always truth, always all powerful, always all love, always all wise, always just and always victorious for us as we look to Him in life!!! Some things change and some things stay the same and for it all, we can trust in our constant trustworthy Father to guide us divinely for the best life as this song says here!!!

Three Hearts

God's Crazy Love



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