Fully Alive

Hi, mighty saints in Christ Jesus!!! I want to encourage your hearts today as Father encourages mine that we should stand fully alive in Christ Jesus!!! Running on all cylinders of divine thinking and divine power is Father’s heart for us to bring us fully alive in His Spirit mindset!!! Fully alive is the status of His Spirit living within us without limitation thru our faith in Christ Jesus!!! Oh to that I say let’s let Jesus flaunt it out into us and thru us!!! 🙂 There’s Holy Spirit spark alive in ya that moves us into divine life, saint!!! Me, too!!! How exciting is that!!! Don’t that just light ya up divinely?!!

Man FIre to Earth

Run For the Vision

As we know from our Father’s written Word (the Bible) when our Father created us each one oh sooo special, He created us in His image who is the source of life!!! Now if we are created alive by the source of life who was before time and without end and He lives in us thru faith, we are totally forever alive bound and destined!!!

Thru faith in Jesus, He  has put into us His Holy Spirit upon faith in Him as our Savior so that He could be the divine victory song rising up from our hearts that plays out from our trusting in His love and perfect care for us forever!!! Let us not let anything take that beautiful song from our hearts, but rather let it play over and over and over again so it gets stuck in our head!!! Father is always working good life in us, thru us and all around us and has empowered us with His Spirit working in us to energize us and bring to us beyond all we could ask or imagine with unlimited victory possibilities so we can live life fully at peace and joy in Him!!!  So if the source of high energy life is with us and within us, let us not let the enemy of this world quench our fire from us by filling our minds with dead thoughts – things contrary to our Father’s goodness and ability to care for us and empower us to have the divine life!!! He can take care of all things of our past, present and future far better than we ever could, so let’s let Him make all our thoughts alive with hope and peace in Him as this song says here!!! Is there somewhere in your life where you are not experiencing life in the fullness of Father’s heart for you??? I ask myself the same, although right now I am doing well so please do not worry about me!!! Let us cast off to Jesus in prayer anything He brings to our minds that is needing His life spark set to it and then trust in Jesus to blaze divine life into that situation because Jesus says this about the enemy, the devil:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”  (John 10:10) Father has us and is holding on to us and wants to hold onto our thoughts, too!!! YAY!!! I’m a gal thankful with ya’s He helps us stay focused!!!! We are in His mighty right hand where all the power of the universe is and nothing can snatch us from His care!!! Safe forever we are as we stay close to Him!!! Yeppers, fully alive in Jesus we are forever, but let us rest in that divine destiny for us as His kingdom kids and celebrate life fully wherever Father has us even now by nestling in His love with us as we rest from this day!!! Jesus is fully alive and all powerful with us and in us!!! Nothing can touch that victoriously!!! YAYYY!!! Happy with ya’s!!! Much love to you!!! See ya tomorrow – fully alive in Jesus!!! Oh that just makes me smile!!! 🙂

God's Hand Connects


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