All Right Together

It’s a “right on” day, precious saints!!! Oh that is the way our Father sees it for us and that is as we should see it, too!!! More live here!!!

Father’s amazing grace is the filter thru which we should always see ourselves and others, too!!! I love this song here that speaks of Father’s amazing grace and I celebrate it with you, today!!!

Everything Will Be oK.jpg

How sweet is our Father and how I am thankful He reveals truth to us when we need it and loves us always with unfailing, unconditional love thru our faith in His perfect performance on the cross!!! There is no failure with Father – only up or getting up from evaluated learning experiences!!! Oh He just always makes me smile!!! πŸ™‚

Gods Grace is Sufficient.jpg

So let us love one another, learn together and keep stepping forward for divine life as kids of faith who are forever loved!!! Divine sisterly love to ya wherever you are!!! πŸ™‚

Draw to the throne of Grace

Receive Father’s grace, see ourselves in His grace as sufficient always and extend grace in the exchanges of sharing the truths of Jesus as He leads!!! It’s an “all-right” combination for the divine win, win, win life of relationships!!!


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