The Magnified Life

It has been a good day for me, busy with lots of workers here in my house as remodeling of this house of purpose continues to advance in progress towards completion!!! Small steps towards a big goal at the start – it is kinda like life, in that our Father has a big picture plan (a magnified life plan beyond all we can ask or imagine until we see it completed.) Until then, each day our Father magnifies the steps of life He has for each one of us individually so we can understand them and see where He is calling us to step. His heart for us is to know that all His plans for us are good and to give us life in abundance – forever life as a son or daughter of His kingdom thru our faith in His victory for us as our Savior on the cross. Hence, God describes Himself thru history as:

“I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Matthew 22:32

Jesus with hole in hand

Even beyond having eternal life in His forever heavenly place kingdom, He desires that we:

  • recognize who He is as the King of this world and universe,
  • know who we are as His beloved royal kingdom kids of faith,
  • know the victory that is ours over the enemy of this world
  • know the power that is ours to live the Christian life thru the empowerment of His Holy Spirit at work in us, thru us and all around us!!!

Ressurection Power

It is restful knowing that we have a “magnified” God – a God that is bigger than all of life and the Creator of life who only does only divine good for us!!! Therefore, whatever we may be seeing in life as a problem, this we can do, we can magnify our God and trust Him as being bigger and more able to win over our lives than any problem that there is in this life!!!  He is eager to help us as His kids, too!!! Got a issue you would like to cast upon the Lord in prayer this day???

Magnify Your God

Jesus loves it when we magnify Him as the biggest in life and all capable beyond all things and able to bring us triumph!!! He is the One who walked on water,  raised up the dead, healed the sick, rescued all sinners from death and separation from Him and the giver of all of life and all good things of life!!! His reassurance to us is that “We are more than conquerors in all things thru Christ Jesus who loves us.” (Romans 8:37) Wherever any of us may see life as dead – not of His abundant joy and victory, He can bring life into it in amazing ways to give us new perspective, divine wisdom and supernatural help for us as we take it to Him!!! As the Psalmist wrote so many years ago:

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.”

Psalm 34:3

Jesus walking on water

Whether it is morning or night where we are, let us cast away anything that threatens to rob us of what is contrary to His heart for us, dear saints. Let us magnify our Father to His proper high standing perspective and let Him bring His life of rest, peace and joy and victory into our mindset and have a divine rest of today with He who loves us with unfailing, unconditional love as His kids of faith!!! BRING EVERYTHING TO LIFE FOR US, DEAR FATHER AS THIS SONG SAYS HERE!!! WE TRUST YOU AND KNOW YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL THINGS AND ALL POWERFUL TO CARE FOR US PERFECTLY AND YOU DELIGHT IN DOING SO AS WE SEEK YOU!!!

Held in God's Power

Divine sisterly love to you wherever you are!!! I am thankful we have divine life with God’s Glory ablaze in our lives in all things with Jesus with us as His blessed kingdom family forever!!! Let us change what we can as He shows us and leave the rest to Him to do the magnified supernatural. I am alive in Jesus because I have a HUGE LIMITLESS GOD!!! How big is your God??? He will show it as we seek Him for divine life!!!


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