Surety Shore

Surety – there is nothing else like it in all of life, I have found!!! To have surety is to be certain, without doubt. It is the relief in life that you can cling to and know that it will be your salvation – your rescue – the help beyond yourself. Oh that is what our sweet Jesus is to us, family of faith!!!

Our Father’s Word tells us that “He is a stronghold for the oppressed – a stronghold in times of trouble.” (Psalm 59:9) A stronghold can be described as a secure height – lofty, a retreat, a refuge, unassailable (unable to be attacked, questioned or defeated).

As I ponder this today, I just have a huge sense of relief within myself and Father gives me the vision of an ocean with huge waves that can be at times swelling up to great heights that without Jesus as our Rock could be seen as very threatening, but imagine in the midst of the tallest ocean waves, Jesus has set us up on top of a huge mountain of rock that will not give way, nor can the ocean waves reach the top of it!!! It is our safe place where He holds us close to His side in His presence with us. He keeps us warm and sheltered from all harm and meets our every need while we are there with Him. I get excited about thinking about it like having a giant picnic on top of the world with Jesus looking out over the ocean waves with us in total peace and control and us being able to enjoy divine life knowing that in the right time, He will provide our safe journey from in the midst of the ocean to heavenly shores via His divine boating experience as Captain of the Sea of Life!!!

Mountain in Middle of Ocean

Man On Rock in Ocean

Oh Jesus with surety knows how to float a divine boat of life for us as we climb in the boat with Him for a safe journey as His kingdom people!!! From this moment in time thru forever, that is the surety that we have with Jesus as our Rock of Salvation!!! Oh that thought just makes me smile!!!

Boat With God

Jesus on Boat

Here are a couple of songs that lend to this vision Father has given to me today!!! May they give you peace and surety for your soul today wherever you are, sweet saints!!!

YOU raise me up so I can walk on mountains here.

The Rock won’t move here.

I will trust the promise that You will carry me safe to shore here.

Surety of safety in Jesus – wonderful rest for my soul today!!! May you have peace for your soul, too, beloved one of our Father!!! Enjoy the peace of heart that Jesus has for ya!!! I am at peace, happy and smiling we have Jesus to always take care of us divinely!!! It’s a beautiful surity shore!!!

Ocean Shore


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