Taking the Best Route

I’m a gal traveling divinely with ya’s today, precious family!!! God has given us His best plan for our life travel; it is found in the Bible!!! God’s plan or His commands are given to us to guard us from the results of sin in our lives and to help us live lives that are purposeful and full of His joy!!! 

We should not think of God’s commands as taking away from our lives, but rather as a guide to enable us to live to the fullest – to make the most of our life now and for eternity. Jesus adds to our life, rather than taking from our lives!!! God’s commands are perfect, holy and of great value, therefore, we can choose to obey God and with His Holy Spirit’s help, follow His commands.

 Bible With Cross

Roadmap aka Bible

Life is Full of Choices

We do have the God-given, freewill option that we could choose to sit on the side of the road of life all by ourselves, eat chocolate bon-bons non-stop, fail to step out in running our purpose along the road and live life the way we want to for the rest of our days, but that is not God’s best plan for us. It is not healthy in many ways and we would miss out on life experiences along the road. Other believers running the “cross” road and those on the sidelines who do not know Christ would also miss out on the greatness of God moving in and thru YOU!  Our choices affect not only us, but others as well, both now and for eternity!



Once we fully understand the sinful nature that is within us and what Christ did on the cross for us, we will be so grateful for what He did for us that we will want to run the race well to give back to Him as an expression of love!!!

Jesus outstretched hands

Eternal life is a gift from God to us and choosing to honor God with our lives is a gift back to God (John14:15, 21).   He deserves our love and obedience because He gives us life and all good things!!! He also desires the best for us!!! Now how sweet is the Creator of life to love us such to share His wisdom for life with us!!! There is nothing else in our lives that can compare with Him. He loves us with perfect love!!! The more we get to know Him, the more we will want to worship Him and want to glorify Him and live our lives in step with Him and His purpose for us.

 Jesus and Man

Jesus Delighting in Me

As good as that sounds, it is not always easy because just as he did in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, Satan continues to work to plant question in our minds about God’s best for us. We see the affects of sin all around us, yet people choose to walk contrary to God’s ways that brings about unnecessary pain and stress into their lives. Sin may seem pleasant for a short time, but only for a season. Sooner or later, sin destroys us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It can also damage our relationships and it can take its toll on us financially as well (Romans 6:23).


These are the consequences of our own poor choices. Oh, why do we do these things to ourselves? Often we blame God who loves us while all along, His choice or His desire for us is for us each to make the better (best) choices in life. He even helps us and does not leave us to live the Christian life alone in our own strength!!! (Acts 1:8) He gives us His Holy Spirit to empower us!!! “For it is God who works in us to will and act according to His good purpose.” (Philippians 2:13) Our Father sees us thru faith in His finished work on the cross as holy, blameless, without accusation and with no condemnation, but He hasn’t left us without divine help to have victory over our enemy who wants to have us partner with him for the destructive life!!! Oh let us keep taking the best route in life of fighting the good fight for divine life with Father’s Spirit helping us, sweet saints as this song says here!!! Much love to you wherever you are!!! I’m proud of ya’s for choosing the powerful divine life with Jesus!!! I’m a gal seeking to do so with ya’s!!! “More than conquerors we are in all these things thru Christ who loves us!!!” (Romans 8:37) HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! 🙂 LET US POWER ON WITH JESUS!!!

Empowered by Grace


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