The Enlightened Heart

Divine day greetings to you all here, everybody!!! I am sooo thankful to have you join with me in pondering the heart of Jesus!!! It is a very good thing to think about what is on God’s heart because He created life and understands fully all of life and His big picture plan for our eternal lives!!! As I have reflected, I want to share these thoughts with you to ponder as I am as well:

Sometimes when people hear God’s voice speaking to them, they don’t like what God has to say or they don’t want to carry through with what He tells them. Hence, they harden their heart or show rebellion towards God. That is a sad day for us as individuals and here is why.  Hardness of heart or rebellion towards God is sin that robs us in life from the best life possible. Our disobedience affects our conscience and our confidence before God, too. We feel uncomfortable in our relationship with God and our rebellion grieves the Holy Spirit who lives in us as well (Ephesians 4:30). This slows down or stops our spiritual growth.   If we are not faithful in small things, how can God use us in larger things (Matthew 25:23)? Oh I so want to be a vessel thru whom God works to make a difference in this world!!! How about you, dear ones???



Just like a physical runner running a race, God cannot move us onward further in becoming a stronger spiritual athlete unless changes are made to step away from what is working contrary to God as our coach. Hardness of heart or rebellion is what we could say is like “bad cholesterol” that clogs up the heart of the spiritual athlete. When we have this unhealthy condition of heart, our Father or coach has to “operate” or work the circumstances in our individual lives to bring about our renewed health and enable us to continue running His purpose for our lives . The Apostle Paul encouraged the saints of his day and us even now to:

“work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in us both to will and act according to His purpose.”

(Philippians 2:12-13)



Sometimes when you love someone, love has to be tough to do challenging things in life! Oh that is not always easy, but very important to helping the bringing about of one’s well being!!! There are many examples throughout the Bible where God’s people rebelled against God and when we do the same, like a good father who loves his children, God has to discipline us through this point in our life. We can read about God’s people wandering because of rebellion in the desert for forty years starting in the book of Numbers (Chapter 14) and Jonah’s experiences in refusing God’s will for his life in the book of Jonah. Any father will tell you it is not pleasant to have to discipline your children, but they know what problems arise when you allow the sinful nature to go unchecked. I have heard fathers say, “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” God is love, but so often we make Him out to be the bad guy when we are the one with the issue that needs to be changed. In reality we are the bad kids.  Most of the Israelites did evil things that displeased God and in 1 Corinthians 10:5-6, it says that what happened to the Israelites occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.


It is a gift to hear the voice of God and to have the privilege to join Him in the work He wants to accomplish through us. If we are not hearing God and/or we are experiencing great trials in our lives, let us think back or refer back to our notebook if kept where you have recorded what He has spoken to us previously about doing. Could it be that He is loving on us by disciplining us into obedience? Let us ask God to show us any areas of sin in our lives, dear ones.  If God does not show us any, we can act on what light we have, meaning what we know of God’s will in the situation, continue to pray and wait on Him.


We also have an enemy who likes to hurl trials at us to get us to shake our faith in God who loves us, forgives us and is for us as this song says here. Jesus will bring us to victory as we trust in Him in our daily living just as He has already won our eternal victory thru His perfect performance on the cross so that we are forgiven from our sins and given a heavenly seat in His royal heavenly kingdom!!! Oh I’m a gal sooo thankful that we have such a good, good Father as this song says here and that we are so loved by Him who is committed to our well being!!! Blessed kids are we always to be in His loving care and wisdom for us each one oh sooo special to Him!!! Jesus just gives me peace, the blessed life and makes me smile!!! 🙂



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