The Greatness of YOU

Have you ever been razzle dazzled by someone? I certainly have. How about you? Our Father has made each one of the people in this great big world and today He speaks to my heart how each one is so unique and special and given their own way of impacting the world. I have heard it said before that if a person does not step out into the world to be who they are, then the world will miss out on the gift of that person. Today I see this was the case with King Solomon. God had something special for King Solomon to do in his life. I saw how when King Solomon was first put into the position as King following in his father King David’s shoes, that he was somewhat intimidated by the greatness of his father. None the less, he took the responsibility given to him, asking for our Father to give him what he needed to successfully do his work. He had so greatly admired his father’s heart and success and yet what his father had always wanted to do and wasn’t able to do, our Father gave and enabled King Solomon to do – build a temple for Him. What an honor to be able to serve the Lord in this way!


Solomon was a gift to the people from the Lord in providing them a place where they could worship and serve their God. This was seen by those he worked with as well. As King Solomon set out to obtain the resources he needed to do his work, this is what King Hiram of Tyre said of him – “Because the Lord loves His people, He has made you their king.” Now how is that for some encouragement when you are not so sure of yourself? Nothing like a little “I’ve put you there now trust me to enable you spurring on to git ‘er done!!!” 🙂 Yep!!! Father believes in ya and me, too!!! HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! LET’S GO CONQUER LIFE WITH DIVINE VICTORY!!! This is true for each one of us as our Father’s children! YOU CAN DO THIS – THE PURPOSE GOD HAS FOR YOU TO BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH!!! OH IT’S WHY YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE!!!


Each one of us has our own unique purpose and contributions that only we can carry out for our Father in this life. Because He loves the people of the world, He has given them YOU! I ask you as I ask myself, what is He calling us as individuals to do? There may be different things for different times as Father guides us!!! The temple was only one of the things at a particular time that the Lord asked Solomon to do in His life!!! What is Father asking you to build for heaven now where you are, divine ones???


Oh, let’s step out and you be you and I’ll be me as the world so needs what only you and I have been given to do by our Father. Our Father had plans for each of us as He created us. “We are His workmanship to do good works that He had prepared in advance for us to do.” Our Father will also enable each of us to carry out those plans as we seek His help just like King Solomon did. You are the one He has called!!! Will you step out for Him and for the people of the world He so dearly loves? Well, gotta go as my Father has plans for only me to carry out today. God bless ya in what you have to do today! I’m so proud of you for going for Him!!! God is on the move thru you as this song says here!!!

Ps 139:13-14; Jer 29:11; 2 Ch 1:1-2:11; Eph 2:10


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