In the Middle

During a reverent time with my Father this day, I have great respect for a man I have been reading about named Joseph. Joseph was a man waiting for the Kingdom of God who was a member of the Council of the Sanhedrin – the group of religious leaders who had made the decision to crucify Jesus the day before the Sabbath, on what we now call Good Friday. Now, we know that it was our Father’s will that Jesus bear the sins of the world so that we have victory over sin and its high cost of death and eternal consequences upon someone’s life. What I admire about Joseph is that even though he was a part of this religious group of leaders that had made the decision to crucify Jesus, he was his own person, a disciple of Christ and he did not consent or go along with the decision and actions of the group towards Jesus. He is described as a good and upright man. He was his own thinker apart from group influence and I greatly admire that he made his decisions apart from peer pressure. As a result, he dared step out and do what was not normally done in his society – he asked for the body of one crucified, namely Jesus.


It strikes me that this man was named Joseph and so was the man given the purpose of being Jesus’ earthly father. God so amazes me! The name of these two men, Joseph, means “he will add or he will increase.” God placed these two men into Jesus’ live to add to it what was needed to take care of Jesus – in raising Him up from a baby to a man and in taking care of His lifeless body upon death. In both cases, Jesus needed their help, their adding or increasing to His life. Wow! This man of Joseph was a man faced with the effects of sin and its resulting death that had taken place on Friday and a man who desired the coming victory of the Kingdom of God that was to be realized the next day following the Sabbath, when Jesus would rise from the dead to everlasting life. I wonder how much he fully knew that in his taking hold of Jesus, he was holding on to that which bridged the gap between the wages of sin and death and the victory of the eternal life in the Kingdom of God! Many people are still caught in the middle today between the wages of sin and death and the victory of everlasting life in the Kingdom of God. To bridge that gap, they like Joseph, need to make their own decision to take hold of Jesus. We as Christians now have the full knowledge of God’s plan of salvation and we can be their middle man – their modern day Joseph, to add or increase the insight they need to take hold of their Savior so that they can journey from sin and death to having the victory of everlasting life in the Kingdom of God. All of this has me so inspired that we need to keep sharing the good news of Jesus! Oh, I am so thankful to Jesus for what He has done for me! This song here is on my heart today – a thank you to my Lord for bridging the gap between my sin and death to my victory of life in the Kingdom of God:


Let us point others to the bridge to victory (Jesus) as our Father guides us as His people of faith!!! Oh I love seeing people discover eternal blessings!!! Bless you for bridging the gap thru Father working thru YOU thru you faith in His work on the cross to forever bridge the gap between defeat and victory!!! HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! GOING FOR FATHER WITH YA TO BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH!!! 🙂



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