Peace Knowing God Knows

Hi, dear kingdom family of faith!!! Have you ever found yourself in a place of responsibility or opportunity to let our Father work through you in some way that leaves you wondering if you will be able to do the task? Maybe it isn’t something that you imagined yourself doing, or maybe it is, but none the less, it is where you are and what is put before you to do and you are in a quandary as to how you will ever accomplish it. This is how it was with Solomon. He was born the son of a king – a king that is said to have had a heart after God’s own heart. Wow! Talk about having some shoes to fill! Have you ever felt you have big boots to fill without adequate provisions??? 🙂


Yikes!!! I have always admired that statement about King David having a heart after God’s own heart and have always wanted to be known as having that same kind of heart, but have felt I fall so short!!!


Solomon was somewhat intimidated by his father’s record, too. But we know from our Father’s Word that the statement about King David didn’t mean that he was without sin. What David had demonstrated in life and wrote about was a heart of faith and trust in His Lord to take care of him and that included the sin part of his life as well. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, we who have a heart after our Father’s heart of believing in Him are all forgiven people!!! I’m so thankful for that!!! Our Father is not one who asks us to do something for Him without providing for us a way to do so and the same was true for Solomon. King David had given Solomon his throne to lead God’s people and Solomon was concerned about it, so much so he had a dream about it. Seeing the position he was in, our Father reached out and revealed Himself to him. I so love that thought that our Father pursued Solomon and in so doing, he showed Solomon an invitation into a relationship with Him and encouraged him to talk to Him about what it was that was on his heart. So Solomon, finding himself in a place of great responsibility and opportunity, he asked God for help to do his job well. He in essence said to God, I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties. I am here amongst people you have chosen to put around me that are too numerous to count and I need you to give me, your servant, a discerning heart to lead your people and determine right from wrong. Solomon’s heart was basically in a place of saying “Yikes! Who is able to lead this great people of yours?” It in essence was a fear issue and the story goes on to say that the Lord was pleased with Solomon. Now how sweet is our Father to love us and understand us and meet us right where we are and not where we think we ought to be!!! I sooo love that thought!!! The Lord was pleased with Solomon not so much because he had fear, but because he demonstrated a heart that despite his fear, he was looking to God to enable him and provide to him what he needed to do his job well for God for His people. The story goes on to say that God not only gave Solomon what was needed for him to do his job, but then some.


Now if that doesn’t just inspire a soul! It does me anyhow. How about you? Gotta need to know? How do you know? Where I am today, I know I don’t know all, but I know my Father knows all and He will let me know as I trust in Him to do what He has given to me to do. Now ya know what I know ‘cuz our Father let us know! His best to you wherever you are and in doing whatever you have to do. Ya know God knows and I’m am excited to hear and see what you help us in the world know because God knows and lets you know!!! 🙂 God’s grace is always sufficient for His people as this song says here.


1 Ki 3:5-15, 4:29-34; 1 Sa 13:14; Ac 13:22; Ps 38:18; 2 Sa 12:13; Jn 1:29, 3:16; Col 1:21-23; Php 4:6-7; 1 Pe 5:7


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