Letting Heaven’s Glory Rise Up in Us

Jesus said that “The thief come only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

By that He is saying the enemy the devil wants to destroy God’s people thru creating in His people fear, doubt, panic, anxiety, worry and Jesus wants to do just the opposite…make us fully alive and thriving in His joy, knowing that He has our forever victory and a divine victory plan in every battle on this earth!!! Until Jesus returns. we have heavenly kingdom work to do to continue to fight the enemy!!! So let us boot strap up against evil and trust Father’s grace to be sufficient to make us powerful and victorious in all circumstances where He will be working for our good!!! So that is our peace, our rest in life, our joy in life and the glory of God rising up in us as this song says here:

Let us tell enemy problems how big our God is!!! Why wrestle when we can nestle in the loving care of our Father!!!


HOOORRRAAAHHH!!! I’m a gal seeking to let the glory of the Lord rise up in me this day and I’m happy and smiling and at peace and joyful we have Jesus to always lead us in triumphant procession!!! Is that devil dude working to cause havoc in your life, dear ones??? If so, cast it upon Jesus and seek Him for wisdom in dealing with it for heaven!!! Jesus gives generously to all who ask of Him and give Him their time to hear Him!!! He speaks thru His written Word the Bible, His Holy Spirit voice to us, thru Godly counsel of others, and thru circumstances, but never contrary to His written Word in context!!! Have a powerful victorious day claiming all of His glorious riches of heaven’s victory provision with you and for you!!! I am doing so, too!!! 🙂 It’s a great day with Jesus!!! Happy and smiling and powerfully victorious as more than conquerors in all things thru Christ Jesus who loves us!!!


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